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Unieke activiteiten in Mid-Coast, Maine

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Alle activiteiten in de buurt van Mid-Coast, Maine

Private fall oyster farm tour & shucking class on the water
Join Captain Joe for a relaxing private boat cruise over to our oyster farm where you will shuck and slurp oysters straight out of the water, and learn about our Shellfish Reef Restoration project. Feel free to bring along snacks and your favorite drink. I’ll make sure we have plenty of oysters and all the fixings for our favorite rum cocktail! This trip lasts 1.5-2 hours and is available for up to 6 people of all ages. I only take out private groups and the total pricing per group is: Groups of 3 or 4 $300 Groups of 5 $375 Groups of 6 $450 If you are solo or a group of 2, please message me for a special $50 discount link prior to booking.
Forest Fairies with Corgis and Goats
Take a rest from the stress of the modern world and get ready to fall in love with cuddly Corgis and gregarious Goats as they take you on a unique journey to a special place where you find hidden dwellings and discover the secret treasure chests. BlissWood Forest is located in Coastal Maine one hour south of Acadia National Park. You will arrive at Corgi Bliss, in the town of Penobscot, on the edge of the forest. There you will meet your hosts, the Corgis and Goats, along with Jennifer or Katie. Drinks will be offered, as well as a discussion about safety while walking with the animals. We will set off on our journey through the fields, and into BlissWood Forest. The easy half-mile hike is well maintained and goes at a leisurely pace. The loose Corgis will be scurrying about ahead as they sniff the ground and try to pick up the scent of pixie dust. Help the Corgis find the hidden treasure chests and secret swellings along the path. We pause a lot for selfies, kisses and cuddles from the animals. Then we loop down the trail and return to Corgi Bliss, where drinks and snacks are to be had before saying our goodbyes. We will be outdoors in the fresh air and forest, wear layered clothing and shoes that protect your feet from the elements. Enjoy the earthy smells and forest sounds, and the corgis. For safety, only our dogs can join us on this hike. Children under two years are FREE!
Private fall cocktail hour sunset cruise with oysters
Relax and unwind with family and friends, and bring your favorite drink on board as we cruise around the rugged islands and rocky shoreline of Casco Bay for your very own Private Sunset Cruise. We start with a short boat ride over to a nature preserve island, anchor up in a quiet tidal estuary where there are usually lots of seals and eagles around. For groups who want a more interactive experience, I can describe our oyster reef restoration project while you get ‘hands on’ learning how to shuck oysters from our farm. For people who want to chill out and catch up with their group instead, I will happily shuck oysters and shake up our homemade rum cocktail while you chat amongst yourselves and enjoy the tranquility. Once everyone has a drink in hand we will hoist the anchor and head out into Casco Bay for the westerly sunset. You can listen to music on my boat’s soundsystem, or enjoy nature’s soundtrack. I only take out private groups and the total pricing per group is: Groups of 3 or 4 $300 Groups of 5 $375 Groups of 6 $450 If you are solo or a group of 2, please message me for a special $50 discount link prior to booking.
Create a small wooden bowl
I can take up to 2 people per class and we will make ONE wood bowl together. I will start by showing a couple of videos of what we will be doing, followed by safety instructions before we dive in. No prior experience is required. I provide active hands-on instruction, demonstrations and enthusiastic encouragement. You will make all the creative decisions of wood type, bowl shape and size etc. I offer a selection of woods to choose from including locally harvested cherry, maple, and other hardwoods purchased from me directly on the day of the class. NOTE! I can schedule this event any time or day - just let me know what day or time you want. Other things to note: Plan on getting covered in shavings! Wear work clothes and roll up long sleeves, remove watches and bracelets and long hair must be tied back. I will provide all safety equipment and advice. A materials fee of $12 to $30 covers the wood blank.
German Shepherd Large Pack Hike
Enjoy the true outdoors with an easy 3/4 - 1 mile private nature hike hosted by a pack of loose, well trained German Shepherd Dogs. The hike starts at our farm in coastal Maine and wanders through a network of trails winding through a natural wild Maine forest. You will be hiking with a large pack of (5 to 12) loose german shepherd dogs of various ages who will want attention along the way! On the walk there are soft forest trails, sometimes mud puddles and slippery footing. Throughout our adventure you will learn tips on hiking with a pack of German Shepherds the way they communicate and what their body language means. Once we return there will be bathroom facilities, snacks and beverages. We will also talk about how we raise and imprint our young shepherds and prepare them as family companions. Your hosts for the nature walk will be either Jennifer, Katie, or both! We began offering pack walks at our open house for our German Shepherd Breeding program, and because of the enthusiasm and popularity, we decided to host this event through Airbnb. This hike is a carefully selected pack of our own German Shepherds. We do not allow visiting dogs to join on the pack hike. Children under two years old are FREE
Sunrise/SunsetTour - Bird's Eye Maine
On the Sunrise Tour we will wake up before dawn just like the local fisherman and head out onto the ocean to watch the sun rise. This is the most peaceful time of day where the light slowly fills the world around and a sense of tranquility overcomes the soul. We will head straight out to the most photographed lighthouse in the USA, Portland Head Light, where we will float, watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean . We will boat past four lighthouses on our way back to port and four historical military forts. We will pass the early morning ferrys taking the early commuters from the outer island to work in the city. After the picturesque colors light the sky, we will slowly cruise through the outer islands back towards town where the rest of the city is only just started to hear their alarm clocks. This truly is the most unique and special time to be on the water.
Oyster Shucking Class
Each experience includes 12 oysters and a draft pour of beer or Prosecco. Shucking knives and gloves are available to be purchased to take home with you. They will be greeted by a knowledgeable member of our Boom Shuck-a-Lucka team, a group passionate individuals some of whom are oyster farmers themselves. We will provide an overview and detailed step by step on how to shuck an oyster. Participants will then start shucking and we will work 1 on 1 with them to teach the skill. In addition to learning to shuck we will also educate on the history of Maine oysters & aquaculture. Our full menu of food & drink will be available for purchase as well.
Kid friendly interactive aquaculture trip to the oyster farm
Bring the family on board for a private boat trip to our oyster farm to assist in fieldwork for our shellfish reef restoration project. We start with a cruise out of the harbor to jig up some small fish which we use as bait in our traps. (If the seas are too rough for fishing, we will bring some with us or ask a friendly lobsterman along the way.) Next we head through a quiet inlet to a nature preserve estuary where we will haul up our crab trap to see what we have caught. After learning about the different species of crabs in Maine, we will release the native crabs back into the water, and remove the invasive crabs. I will then raft up to our floating dock at our oyster farm, where we can shuck, eat, and learn about oysters fresh out of the water! This experience is suitable for aspiring marine biologists of all ages. Profits from these trips go to support The Basin Oyster Project. I only take out private groups and the total pricing per group is $300, irrespective of the number of people in your group up to 6 people.
Shucking Class on Coast of Maine
The ultimate cozy Maine winter experience! Come learn how to shuck an oyster at Basecamp Lodge nestled within a quintessential mid-coastal Maine community an hour north of Portland! Watch local lobsterman boat by, learn about our industry, how farming works and more all while enjoying some fresh oysters and a hot drink.. All of us oyster farmers whom are passionate about what we do & the state of Maine would love to have you! Each private class includes 12+ oysters and about 15-30 minutes of instruction. While we do note the class is about an 1 hr long. You can hang out/bring food/chill on our dock for as long as you would like after or before your class! By design we offer a very limited amount of experiences to ensure they stay unique, fun & exciting for our guests as well as ourselves! Stay as long as you would like after class to enjoy the community & our unique, special home.
Sea Captains and Shipbuilders, A Historic Neighborhood Tour
Take a guided walking tour with a local educator in the most historic neighborhood in the most prosperous city in Maine's 19th century century: Bath - the City of Ships. See the homes of shipbuilders and sea captains who dominated the shipping industry in the 1840s and 50s.. Hear the enduring tales of these homes and their residents on a walk through Bath’s tree-lined Washington Street neighborhood where Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne and Victorian architecture abound. The sights and stories on this fun and fascinating tour will take you back in time, with many surprising connections to current events today. Groups are small, allowing time for conversation, questions, and “ooh-ing” and “ah-ing” over exquisite architectural details. Leave with tips and ideas on how to make the most of your visit to Bath, Maine’s “undiscovered” gem of a city, and the rest of midcoast Maine.
Rare Bourbon Tasting / Cocktail Class
Each guest will make two Bourbon cocktails (in their choice of style: Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or Sazerac). Each will use a very rare and expensive bourbon, (Which will include 2 of the following: EH Taylor, Elijah Craig 18yr, Weller full proof, Elmer T Lee, Blanton's or Stagg Jr.) a special vermouth, or syrup and a bitters made in the location of the tasting. Each guest will taste the rare bourbon, vermouth / syrup , and bitters independently of each other. There will be a tasting and discussion. There will also be a tour of the bitters making facility where the class is being held.
Two-Hour Mellow Lighthouse Bike Tour
On this two-hour coastal tour we will visit two lighthouses, a historic fort and a boat building memorial while riding our classic three speed cruiser bikes along a rail trail and seeing the natural beauty in this area. This is a 4 1/2 mile loop and is nearly all flat.
Two Hour Lighthouse Bike Tour
Lighthouse Bikes offers bicycle tours, close to a paved trail that connects the lighthouses of South Portland. Join us for a historic tour by bike to learn more about the rich history of this area while enjoying a leisurely ride! All bikes are classic Worksman cruisers with comfortable seats, handmade baskets perfect for picnicking and pedal brakes. Our tours cover topics from shipbuilding in Maine, to the local ecology, the history of the lighthouses and insider tips for folks new to the area. The ride is mostly flat and covers five miles.
City of Ships Walking Tour, Downtown to Uptown with a Local
Bath - a small Maine town with a big American story. Guests will get a fun and fascinating walking tour of Bath - once the fourth largest seaport in America, now a quaint, picturesque, vibrant town on the banks of the Kennebec River. In this immersive, interactive tour, we'll travel through 400+ years of history by seeing where it took place, hearing unique stories, and uncovering hidden gems. A "big" small town - Bath has the best of all worlds. Store owners greet you by name, wine shop stocks your favorites, unique boutiques, secret staircases and historic tunnels. All alongside Bath Iron Works shipyard and a spectacular waterfront park - bookends to the history of the City of Ships. Pre- or post-game at our local brewery, cafe or wood-fired pizza place. Get set up for a picnic at the nearby ponds or beaches. We will make sure you get the best of Bath and the surrounding Midcoast area. I am very flexible on dates and times, so drop me a note if you want to schedule a custom tour. You can also book my Historic Neighborhood Walking Tour: Homes of Sea Captains and Shipbuilders for the full Bath experience!
Private intro to ocean fishing for beginners and families
Bring the whole family as we jig and troll our way across the ledges and around the rocky islands of Casco Bay targeting Mackerel, Pollock, Cod, Cunner and other more elusive groundfish species. Our 2 hour fishing trips are available for up to 4 anglers of all skill levels, especially beginners who want an introduction to saltwater fishing. Suitable for ages 5+ I only take out private groups of up to 4 anglers and the total pricing per group is $300 whether the group is 1, 2, 3 or 4 people.