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Vakantieverhuur in Incheon

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[9월오픈 특가] 5성급 호텔의  편안함을 느끼실 수 있는 공간 #넷플릭스#명품가전#시티뷰
Gehele huurcomplex · 2 gasten · 1 Bed · 1 badkamer

[9월오픈 특가] 5성급 호텔의 편안함을 느끼실 수 있는 공간 #넷플릭스#명품가전#시티뷰중심부에 자리하여 입지적 편리함과 세련된 스타일을 모두 갖춘 공간입니다. #대형마트#넷플릭스#명품가전#시티뷰#중심상업지#초근접 스마트 TV가 설치되어 넷플릭스 영화 드라마 유튜브를 즐길 수 있습니다! 롯데마트와 홈플러스 1분거리 호수공원과 연결된 커넬웨이와 맛집, 즐길 거리가 많은 청라 중심 상업지구 1분거리의 위치 좋은 숙소 입니다. 체크인은 오후 3시 체크아웃은 오전 10시입니다. ( 입실 퇴실시간을 준수해주세요! )

인천 주안역 카페처럼 이쁜 집  "더 그레이"
Gehele huurcomplex · 3 gasten · 1 Bed · 1 badkamer

인천 주안역 카페처럼 이쁜 집 "더 그레이"- 예쁜 그레이 색감의 큰방 - 넓은 화장실 - 취사 가능한 주방 - 카페 원형테이블과 의자 - 업무보시기에 편한 책상 의자 - 빌라 3층에 위치 - 교통이 편리합니다 주안역 도보 8분 - 인천 역상권 : 차이나타운 동화마을 월미도 - 터미널상권 : 롯데백화점 인천터미널점, 구월동 로데오거리 - 부평역상권 : 부평지하상가 ,부평문화의거리 - 송도 -> 위의 여러곳들을 대중교통을 이용하여 30분안에 갈 수 있으니 여행하시거나 비지니스 하시기에 굉장히 편리합니다

Songdo Sweet House!! 21-jarige inwoner Nieuwe hoogbouw balkon 1 minuut met de metro Songdo New City
Gehele service-appartement · 2 gasten · 2 bedden · 1 badkamer

Songdo Sweet House!! 21-jarige inwoner Nieuwe hoogbouw balkon 1 minuut met de metro Songdo New CityNieuwe studio in de prachtige internationale stad Songdo. 1 minuut van de metro. Wij bieden alle gratis parkeergelegenheid in het gebouw.

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  • Keuken
  • Wifi
  • Zwembad
  • Gratis parkeren op het terrein
  • Airconditioning

Andere geweldige vakantiewoningen in Incheon

  1. Gehele huurcomplex
  2. Juan 1(il)-dong, Nam-gu
[신규오픈]인천 주안역 1분_따뜻한 공간의 TW하우스_감성숙소/자가격리/넷플릭스/방역철저
$57 per nacht
  1. Gehele huurcomplex
  2. Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu
Open verkoop:) Central View House. Geweldig uitzicht op de stad en comfort *
$57 per nacht
  1. Gehele huurcomplex
  2. Siheung-si
♡시흥 배곧 신도시♡자가격리가능♡무료넷플릭스 ♡철저한소독♡다양한배달음식♡배곧중심지
$52 per nacht
  1. Gehele huurcomplex
  2. Yeonsu-gu
Voor zonsopgang in Songdo_Onestar_Hyundai Premium Outlet_Triple
$54 per nacht
  1. Gehele service-appartement
  2. Jung-gu
바다와 야경을 한꺼번에 느낄수 있는 매력적인 호스텔 입니다~^^ 셀프 체크인.체크아웃"~~
$58 per nacht
  1. Gehele service-appartement
  2. Cheongra-dong, Seo-gu
$81 per nacht
  1. Gehele huurcomplex
  2. Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu
완벽한공간/최고의휴식 #아름다운야경 #넷플릭스 #넓은공간
$47 per nacht
  1. Gehele huurcomplex
  2. Simgokbon-dong, Sosa-gu, Bucheon
부천역앞/ 출장&여행 최적화/ 깨끗하고 아늑한 숙소/탁트인 전망/넷플릭스 등 편의시설
$44 per nacht
  1. Gehele service-appartement
  2. Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu
🌙Moonlight Stay🌙/☕️Gratis bier🍻/Zwembad/Nieuw gebouw/Goed uitzicht/Zonnig nachtzicht Restaurant🌇🌃/Station in de buurt 5 minuten
$49 per nacht
  1. Gehele loft
  2. Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu
fabulous loft for long term stay 실평수 30평
$116 per nacht
  1. Gehele service-appartement
  2. Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu
🌊야외수영장 오픈🌊INCHEON PENTAPORT Park View, 달날🌕
$57 per nacht
  1. Gehele huurcomplex
  2. Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu
[OPEN SALE] Mooie✨ 4K UHD Beam Projector Songhyuna & Triple 1 min Technopark Station 5 min
$79 per nacht

De best beoordeelde dingen om in Incheon te doen

Unieke activiteiten onder leiding van lokale experts en gecontroleerd op kwaliteit

  • Exotic Cooking at Local Home&Market tour
    안녕! 1. Local market tour and taste of street food - Let's get fresh ingredients for the class and try street food in the Mangwon market that is one of the most popular in Seoul. 2. Learn Korean language briefly with welcome drink 3. Cook 3 main dishes and 1 stew - main 1 : Bibimbap (Mixed rice with Meat & Vegetables) - main 2 : Dakgalbi (Stir-fried Chicken) - main 3 : Haemul-pajeon or Sanjeok (Seafood & Green onion Pancake or Skewered Pancakes with Beef & Vegetables) - stew : Doenjang-jjigae (Fermented Soybean paste stew) 4. Enjoy Hanjeongsik - Hanjeongsik means 'A Korean traditional course meal with more than 10 side dishes in total'. We're offering the side dishes, dessert and drinks without any extra charge. 5. Try on 'Tal' - You can try on Tal which is Korean traditional mask at stunning photo spot Other things to note 1. Don't worry about English. We can use body language 2. Don't worry about spicy food. We can adjust the level 3. Don't worry about bad weather 4. Let me know about your food information(Vegetarian, Allergies, Religion) in advance
    Vanaf Prijs:$52 per persoon
  • K-Beauty Class-Design Lip Color Products
    Welcome to VIC'S LAB KOREA♡ HELLO sweetie IT'S TIME TO put on healthy makeup !!! Let's make lipstick or liquid lipstick (sometimes we call it "lip gloss") which is only one colored in the world ! you are gonna create perfect color for yourself on your own Yeah ~ you can choose what you make first. [ ex) 2lipsticks or 1 lipstick&1 liquid one] I will give you a brief explanation and some instructions in order to have a successful experience. I will then check your skin tone and, using 20 color drapes,(picked be loved color) find the best shades for you. You'll pick your two favorite colors and start to make your own two lipsticks. Of course, I will help you to make them perfect. We'll make healthy makeup products based on natural oil, as opposed to the fuel oil found easily at any makeup store. JOIN ME NOW★
    Vanaf Prijs:$42 per persoon
  • ⭐Experience Hongdae with a local guide!
    By taking a part in my guided tour you’ll be able to see many unique and fascinating Korean local places and experience the proper culture in Hongdae. We will meet up at HongDae subway station (Hongik University St), gate exit 3. First of all, we will explore Yeonnamdong area where you can see the trendiest and coolest restaurants, shops and cafes which are located in a hidden spot that only local people know of. Here you can find many sophisticated and artistic stores in an actual residential area. The place is known for its youth street performance, indie vibe, and fashion. During our walk, I will introduce you to some Korean trends, culture, history and many interesting facts about HongDae. Second of all, we will explore Seogyodong area which is known for its urban arts and indie music culture, clubs and entertainment. By the end of the tour, you can enjoy other things like shopping, sitting in the park, drinking and feeling the proper city life and have a lot of fun. Please feel free to ask me any questions about HongDae and Korea and I will answer to the best of my abilities. The tour will last about 2 hours. Thank you for your time and I hope to see you soon.^^
    Vanaf Prijs:$35 per persoon
  • Korean Kimchi making day experience
    Experience Korean Kimchi making day's atmosphere. Everything about Kimchi! You will learn to make 4 authentic Kimchi using Korean cabbage ( Baechu Kimchi ) , radish ( Kkakdugi ) and cucumber ( Oi Sobagi ). Especially for cabbage Kimchi, you will learn how to make Kimchi for a long term ( Gimjang Kimchi ) and short term ( Geotjeori ). After cooking, you will enjoy Kimchi with boiled pork like what Korean do with family on 'Kimchi making day'. Small class ( group of less than 4 people ) is led by certified Korean chef Jomin in English, and conducted in her own home kitchen around Hongdae area. Before class, you will enjoy local market tour as well. This is not a demo class, but a hands on class you prepare ingredients from scratch. So you can repeat healthy Kimchi making back at home for your beloved family and friends. During the class, you become friends sharing your passion about food, culture, and travel. Other things to note Meeting at exit 2 of Mangwon subway station
    Vanaf Prijs:$69 per persoon
  • K-Beauty Skincare secret & create my own
    Welcome to VIC'S LAB KOREA♡ Begin with a welcome drink . We will talk about skincare ingredients , which is good or harzard why do they put chemical in skincare products so on.. And plus I will give you skin care secret tips for glowing skin. And then we start to make your own skincare products. You'll choose some ingredients that will make your skin look healthy and glow. What is your skin problem? I can offer you customized recipe for your skintype and concern With special ingredients for each case. ◆ MOSTURIZING CARE– Hyaluronic acid,Ceramide,D-panthenel,Marin collagen (Triple molecular Hyaluronic acid and real Ceramide) ◆ SOOTHING CARE (Pore care)- Centella Asiatica, Green tea, Wormwood. Hyaluronic acid, Licorice root ◆ ACNE CARE- Houttuynia cordata, Centella Asiatica ,Wormwood, Saururus Chinensis ( decrease redness, repair damaged skin) ◆ BRIGHTENING- Glutathione, Arbutin, Vitamin c (revitalizes the skin by brightening and reducing the visibility of dark spot and acne scars) ◆ Anti aging- Collagen, idebenone, Ceramide ,Snail ext , Vitamin E, Bio placenta (improve elasticity and evens out skin tone by promoting skin renewal with superstar ingredient) Do you need help? Don't worry—I will consult with you and help you to make perfect products just for you. ☆ 2lipbams,skintoner,intensive serum we will make. JOIN NOW ♥ instagram@vicslabkorea Other things to note Only basic English is required. Please contact me and I will send you the link to my social media account.
    Vanaf Prijs:$56 per persoon

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