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Parken en natuur in Washington

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“The National Mall is basically Washington DC’s backyard – it’s a grassy lawn where visitors and locals hang out on sunny days. Full of world-class museums (we’ll get to this later) and fun festivals, the National Mall is the center of many activities in the city.”
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“If you love animals you are up for a trip. Private car there is parking or Uber. ”
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“A large park in DC great for hiking and trail running. Walkers and leisure bikers can use Beach Drive, which is closed to car traffic on weekends and holidays. Walk, ride, or drive from the Airbnb - just ask us if you need help getting there!”
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“A large park just a few blocks from the Airbnb. Now a local hangout for dog walks and warm-weather picnics, the park used to be an army camp during the Civil War and has a rich history. On good-weather Sundays there is a drum circle in the upper park - starts around 3pm.”
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“Dine while looking out at the Potomac River, or head to M-street for some shopping!”
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“Grab a rideshare for a 10 minute ride down to DC's outdoor oasis or drive yourself! Lots of parking, and in good weather, picnicking. ”
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“I occasionally go here at night, sit on the steps, and just observe the reflection pool along with the Washington Monument in the night sky. I honestly think the experience is better at night. There’s usually college aged adults and small groups of tourists around even at 1am. ”
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Botanical Garden
“Free entertainment for the whole family with sprawling grounds featuring exotic flora plus conservatory, rare plants gallery & butterfly garden. To top it off there are even free yoga classes Saturday Mornings in the spring & summer.”
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Basketball Court
“Best to visit in a vehicle (you can park and walk around). Check out the Bonsai Trees. ”
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“National park mostly visited by locals. You'll see people picnicking with family and friends, people jogging, people walking their dogs. A nice spot to just relax and read a book.”
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“This is perfect destination for a solo (or social) walk on a nice day. And be sure to take a good look at the STATUE here. Controversial today... it's important to know it was commissioned and paid for by modest donations from former slaves. And the man depicted here with Lincoln: his name was Archer Alexander. His story is incredible. If we get a chance to talk during your stay, ask me about the extraordinary friendship between Archer and my great-great-great grandfather... and how it led to Archer being the model for this statue.”
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“Stanton Park is a national park in Washington D.C. The park is named after Edwin M. Stanton, the United States Secretary of War during the American Civil War, whose attempted later removal prompted the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson. Located in the center of Stanton Park is a statue of American Revolutionary War Major General Nathanael Greene. The park was included in Pierre L'Enfant's original plan for the city.”
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“If you have kids, there are 3 parks with in a walk. This one has good equipment to play on. It is a favorite hang out in summer for Capital Hill staffers. ”
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“Playground, baseball field, basketball and tennis courts are open to the public year-round during daylight hours. Outdoor pool is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day though requires a pass.”
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“Perfect for your toddler or those grown ups that want to shoot some baskets........”
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“The Reservoir and Sand Filter Plant across the street are the historic water storage facilities for Washington DC. A lap around the lake makes for a good morning run.”
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“The Custis Trail is a paved running, walking, or biking trail that runs east-west. You can get there easily by going just over a block north on Lincoln St. or Quincy St. to the north side of I-66, where you will see the path to get on the trail.”
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“Four Mile Run trail runs behind the building for biking, walking, and running.”
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“The W&OD trail is an easy trail that you can ride sportive and fast or relaxed with a family. It goes through pretty nature and charming citycenters where you can stop and have a coffee. Starting in Shirlington today I went through Arlington, Falls Church, Fairfax, Vienna to visit a friend in Reston. The way back took me just 90 minutes going between 16 and 18 miles per hour.”
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Tourist Information Center
“1057 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC 20007 The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal is a wonderful place for a jog or a walk. The C&O Canal is good for taking strolls and bird watching. A New Boat for Georgetown Riding a boat along the canal in Georgetown is a cherished memory for generations of people. With the help of its partners, Georgetown Heritage and the District of Columbria, The National Park Service looks forward to bringing the experience back to the city. Georgetown Canal Plan Developed with the National Park Service, Georgetown Heritage, and the DC Office of Planning the plan cultivates a section of the canal in Georgetown into a premier active, flexible, and sustainable urban park. ”
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“Great trail for running, walking, or biking! Connects in with a variety of other trails, too.”
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“There is a nature center and hiking trails through the woods and along the Potomac river with beautiful city views”
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