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Top recommendations from locals

Art Museum
“One of the world’s most famous museums and St. Petersburg’s most important tourist attraction. ”
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Historic Site
“Peter and Paul Fortress marks the very spot St. Petersburg was founded. It was here, Tsar Peter erected a small wooden hut in 1703 AD and oversaw the construction of the mighty fortress. The bell tower of the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Peter and Paul Fortress also played the most crucial role during the Russian revolution and was later used as a prison. Make sure to tour the walls (you will have to pay a little extra fee) and enjoy the beautiful view of the river Newa and the Winter Palace on the other side. Read my full guide to Peter and Paul Fortress here.”
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Art Museum
“One of the largest collections of Russian fine art reside in this museum - a must see if you're an art fan. ”
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“You should definitely climb St.Isaac collonade to see city from bird view! Colonnaded walkway 10:00 – 18:00 daily, from May,1, till October, 31 From November, 1, till April, 30, the third Wednesday is day-off.”
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“You will not spend much time, but you will gain a lot by going inside!/Вы не потратите много времени, но много приобретете зайдя внутрь!”
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Art Museum
“I am not quite into contemporary art, but this folks often feature quite interesting collections and artists. This venue is also a spot for music lovers -- it's common for them to invite nice and iconic musicians.”
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Science Museum
“A museum for the scientifically curious, the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography is not for the weak hearted”
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“It's a unique attraction where you can see the seaworld and even get on a tunnel underwater! Must see if you are with kids.”
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“The elegant, monumental palace in the heart of St. Petersburg is just around the corner”
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“On of my favorite places - when you climb up to colonnade you get a chance to see places where Saint-Petersburg commenced as a city - first buildings (palaces and university), squares and yards. It's amazing panorama.”
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Art Museum
“Silver and gold, diamonds and pearls, ruby and emerald. Craftsmanship of the highest order in the Faberge Museum ”
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“Visit the Catherine Palace of Tsarskoe Selo (Pushkin) and enjoy the Amber Room, which reconstruction took about 25 years. There are a plenty of another gorgeous rooms in the Palace. Walk in a park especially in summer is also nice. Посетите Екатерининский Дворец в Царском Селе и полюбуйтесь на восстановленную Янтарную Комнаты, а а заодно и на другие другие залы во дворце. Прогулка по парку, особенно летом, тоже хороша.”
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Monument / Landmark
“Old military vessel built for Japanese war of 1904, and famous for its shot towards the Winter Palace to start the revolution of 1917.”
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“Гранд макет Россия - это наша страна в миниатюре. Высокая детализация, продуманность деталей. Понравится и взрослым и детям. От апартаментов "ЖК София.Апартаменты у парка" можно добраться на троллейбусе № 26”
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“Сохранившиеся роскошные интерьеры и экспонаты потрясают своей красотой! Семья Юсуповых одна из известнейших и богатейших в царской России. Территория дворца с садом простирается до ул. Декабристов. От нас до Дворца вдоль набережной Мойки 10 минут прогулки.”
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“Green and quiet park located on an island with a number of small lakes and outdoor sport activities (rollers in summer or ski/skates in winter; with rental service). A river ship stop is located in the south of the island.”
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