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Top recommendations from locals

“If you love Nature, waterfalls and mountains this has everything for you. Explore, take amazing pictures, learn about our amazing rainforest and just have a wonderful day here. Also visit Portolito for lots of information, pictures, educational videos and bring the family. ”
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Sublocality Level 1
“Old San Juan, the old Spanish town, takes you back in time. You have to visit the Forts and walk around its streets. Spend the whole day walking around :)”
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Art Museum
“Located in a well preserved historical buildings at De Diego Street in Santurce, this museum holds and preserves in four levels a significant and representative number of art works of all sorts and sizes by local artists, some of them dated back to the 18th Century. Will see a huge carbon works by Antonio Martorel, oil paintings, huge acrylics like Arnaldo Rosie's triptic, ephemeral art sample (in screens) spectacular installations like the barber shop and also a section about works made out of recycled material. There is also a beautiful escultorical garden with a fish pond as can be seen in the photo. Three to four hours tour might be enough to have an idea and leave with interest to get back in another visit to the Island.”
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Shopping Mall
“The Mall of San Juan is the Caribbean’s premier shopping destination. This state-of-the-art mall offers unique retailers in the island, exquisite dining and entertainment. The Mall of San Juan is a 650,000 sq ft upscale shopping mall located across from the San José Lagoon at the south end of the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge, near the Luis Muñoz Marin International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico”
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“. La Plaza del Mercado in Santurce is a slice of typical Puerto Rico. You will find Bars, Culinary experiences by chefs from Puerto Rico and a good party in the Nights with music for all kinds of tastes. ”
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“Don't miss Old San Juan. Food, culture, views and culture. 40 mnt drive on 22 este.”
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“The San Juan National Historic Site includes the Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal, most of the city walls, la Puerta de San Juan, and the Fort San Juan de la Cruz. El Morro, a UNESCO site and a true testament to the wonderful history of Puerto Rico, is the most recognized landmark in the island and a must-see if you are short on time during your visit and trying to choose must-see attractions. The construction of El Morro began in the 16th century with the purpose of protecting the entrance to the San Juan harbor by the Spanish conquistadores. It served as a defensive position in the New World and was witness to many battles against foreign powers and pirates. From the fort, the views of the city and the ocean are stunning. Before leaving, make sure to fly a kite on the enormous green fields outside of El Morro, take a deep breath, and relax under the magnificent blue skies — this is a treasured experience. Open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., with an entrance fee of $7 per person (children under 15 enter free). Paid admission to El Morro also gets you admission to San Cristóbal as well, just save your receipt.”
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“Classic bakery, a local favorite and a must if you're staying in Ocean Park. ”
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Travel Agency
“The anvil is well known for its natural beauty, great vegetation, rivers and waterfalls at another level. I love this place I recommend it. ”
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“This is the bar that has put Puerto Rico on the cocktail lover’s map, is so famous that it doesn’t need a sign outside. Has different rooms with different ambiances.”
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Housing Development
“spend time with family or friends and walk around this historic place full of local restaurants with amazing views or bring your kids and dogs to play in this huge field. don't forget to bring them a Kite. ”
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“Jets skis Water activities Snorkeling fishing Boogie boarding White beaches ”
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Theme Park
“TOROVERDE is the ecological park where you will spend endless hours of adventure. You will enjoy the most beautiful landscapes that will leave you breathless, and extreme sports can make direct contact with nature. If you are someone that you like to feel that rush of adrenaline and excitement, this is the place for you.”
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“Perfect Restaurant to go and eat fresh fish like Red snapper, Lobster Fish tacos my favorite ”
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“Really good rustic-artisanal pizza especially for those who like thin crust pizza. All made on artisanal oven with fresh ingredients. Curiously, this place also have one of the best Mexican tacos in the city. This is definitely a nice stop on your way back home after a day on the beach. Good drinks, not super pricey, and friendly staff!”
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Science Museum
“One of the world’s largest radio telescope, which is used to study the ionosphere and nearby planets as they pass overhead. Open since 1963, this radio telescope has made many significant scientific discoveries. ”
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