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De beste dingen om te doen in Mauritius

Ontdek de stad zoals de locals deze zien. Vind de leukste dingen om te doen en plekken om te eten, en krijg waardevol advies van de mensen die hier wonen.

“Take a trip to the famous botanical gardens and see some rare and stunning flora and fauna.”
Door 50 locals aangeraden
Shopping Mall
“La Croisette is the most faithful representation of the Western World available in Mauritius. It is a wide, modern and well-maintained mall with many luxury shops, fine dining restaurants, and sophisticated public areas. Although it sure pleases, it is quite expensive for locals and is rather empty even on weekends.”
Door 50 locals aangeraden
Amusement Park
“On the beautiful west coast of Mauritius atop the sugarcane fields with the majestic Rempart Mountain in the backdrop, lies Casela World of Adventures. Spreading over a surface of 250 hectares, Casela has successfully established itself as the leading attraction of the island with a plethora of activities for families and couples. Whether you choose to explore the safari on Quad, feed the giraffe or dive into the canyons, Casela has got something for everyone. The park with is home to a wide variety of species and heart throbbing activities. Casela is known to be the only place in the world where visitors can swim with dolphins in the morning , have a camel safari ride at midday and walk with lions in the afternoon! A host of activities are included in the entrance.Add a little of African adventure to your holidays and experience one of the most exciting places in Mauritius!”
Door 60 locals aangeraden
Shopping Mall
“In our opinion the best supermarket in the area. You will also find a range of shops and restaurants here.”
Door 27 locals aangeraden
Shopping Mall
“Conveniently located in the centre, it is easily accessible via the highway and includes a large parking space. It hosts restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and a movie theater, offering a wide range of products and services for all budgets.”
Door 26 locals aangeraden
“It's the one place in Town where you'll always find a party any night of the week. ”
Door 34 locals aangeraden
“Excellent indicated hiking trails, for all levels of fitness (children welcome) also possible to hike and swim in the rivers (rainy season). It is possible to see monkeys and lots of bats as you hike along !!”
Door 28 locals aangeraden
Clothing Store
“Food court. Supermarket. Shops (clothing). Restaurants. KFC. Steak house Spur.”
Door 22 locals aangeraden
Golf Course
“We can help you with many tours and activities because we care for our client's happiness”
Door 31 locals aangeraden
Sports Bar
“Ideal for lunch, dinner and Party. Big willy's is the inevitable night club of the west coast”
Door 26 locals aangeraden
History Museum
“The Sugar museum is an ideal place to learn about the island's most famous crop, Sugar cane.”
Door 26 locals aangeraden
Shopping Mall
“Mall situated in the capital of Port Louis where you would be able to discover many types of cuisines also their is a historic museum over there ”
Door 22 locals aangeraden
“Great beach! More relaxed than Grand Bay and close to some nice restaurants. ”
Door 20 locals aangeraden
“A wonderful and picturesque restaurant with individual dinning areas inside and out, great place for a romantic evening.”
Door 28 locals aangeraden
“Grand Bassin, an extinct volcano, now a lake high up in the mountains about 1800 feet above sea level is the most sacred Hindu place on the island of Mauritius. It is also a well-known place of interest. On the spot you will be able to visit a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The people of the island believe it is filled with holy waters from the River Ganges in India on the occasion of Maha Shivaratree people make pilgrimages from their homes to the lake on foot, carrying religious carts(Kawals) the whole way. There is also a majestic 108 foot statue of Shiva which brings a touch of uniqueness to that specific location.”
Door 15 locals aangeraden
“The Seven Coloured Earths are a geological formation and prominent tourist attraction found in the Chamarel plain of the Rivière Noire District in south-western Mauritius. It is a relatively small area of sand dunes comprising sand of seven distinct colours. In the same area are the Chamarel Waterfalls, these picturesque, 272-ft. waterfalls can be viewed from an upper deck & base with shallow swimming.”
Door 14 locals aangeraden