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Essentiële voorzieningen in Málaga

“The Spanish people are very proud of their Artist Pablo Picasso and for a good reason!”
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Art Museum
“Amazing Museo with Carmen's Collection. The Cafeteria counts with an amazing chocolate cake, perfect for a little treat.”
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Tapas Restaurant
“Authentieke Spaanse bar waar vele beroemdheden gepasseerd zijn. Hun foto´s hangen aan de wand. Buiten een enorm terras met Spaanse Malaga wijn en allerlei soorten schelpdieren. Accurate bediening!”
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Shopping Mall
“Hier kan je al eens hip een glaasje drinken bij wat life muziek en een lekkere tapas. ”
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Historic Site
“XI Century Castle right in the center of Malaga, whose name means 'citadel' in Arab. A landmark of Malaga, a must see! Visit it free on Sundays after 2PM. Hint: take the elevator on Calle Guillén Sotelo, 1, 29016 Málaga directly into the castle. No lines! ”
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Farmers Market
“Amazing place to have tapas and to buy fresh food - fish, meat, vegetables. Our preferred spot for tapas is the Medina bar in a corner in the meat section, if you go there say Hi to José. Open Mon to Sat in the morning only (9-14). Monday no fish.”
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“everyday there is something going on , iether a Jazz concert, or a play , or opera, ... ”
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“The Cathedral of Málaga is a Roman Catholic church in the city of Málaga in Andalusia in southern Spain.”
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Memorial Site
“The main characteristics of this old street in Malaga is its cultural identity. Formerly it was even dangerous to walk around it at certain times of the night, today it is totally safe and it is also the scene of various activities throughout the year. During the Malaga Film Festival the street wears its best clothes with a red carpet. In August and during the Malaga fair, this street is one of the main meeting points during the day. Every year during the month of September takes place the Larios Malaga Fashion Week, a fashion catwalk of Haute Couture for two days and with an influx of public that is around 30,000 people. At Christmas, Larios Street dresses up. Every year it is illuminat”
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Historic Site
“Built in the first Century by Emperor Augustus, but discovered only on 1951 (!), is one of the most preserved roman theatres. You can even enjoy a real play during the summer. Enter, sit and feel like a roman descendant, for free - entrance by the Alcazaba palace. Or enter by the interpretation center (left side of the theatre) and discover also the interior. ”
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Art Museum
“The only one delagation of the Paris Pompidou Museum is in Malalaga, enjoy wuth the modern art of pompidou in a sunny city. There is a nice Walk from downtown to cetre Pompidou walkinf throught "Muelle Uno" where you can eat with a nice view of the harbour & Town, Muelle Uno is a touristic Place with Food chains and so on, nice but no Local place”
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“Fortress-castle on the hill, nice stroll up, amazing view from the Belvedere and the top. Visit the castle free on Sundays after 2PM.”
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“Soho wijk van Malaga... echt leuk ook voor wie van street art houd.. graffiti..; het museum is trouwens gratis!!”
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“Bus No 1 & Circular Line 1 (C1) towards the city center and trains station/estazion de autobuses Bus No 1 & Circular Line 2 (C2) from the train station/estacion de autobusses Night bus is No 2 Bus Stop "Victoria/Plaza de La Merced"" EMT No 170”
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Historic Site
“Iconic Muslim Castle tells you about the rich history of this land. I recommend taking the Lift right behind the Town Hall to avoid walking up hill but walking down hill instead after admiring the outstanding views.”
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“Pedestrian shopping street built in 1891, where the city's most important events are held.”
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