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Aanbevelingen van locals voor de beste parken

Botanical Garden
“Kirstenbosch, the world famous botanical garden is a 5 - 10-minute drive away and is a wonderful location for seeing indigenous Cape vegetation at the foot of the eastern slopes of Table Mountain. It's a perfect spot to wander around and take in iconic scenery and enjoy the unique indigenous flora and fauna. Local birdlife is particularly well represented. The trails are perfect for a relaxed stroll; a more adventurous trail run; or as the start of hike up the back of Table Mountain. Look out for: o ‘Boomslang’ treetop canopy walk to get great views and get a perspective from the treetops o Colonel Bird’s Bath Also known as (‘Lady Anne Barnard’s Bath’) o Sculptures o Dinosaur exhibition in the Gardens ”
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“Boulders beach is a quaint, sheltered beach with fascinating rock formations all around. It also serves as an entry point for the penguin colony. If you're going there on a weekend, be sure to get there early to find a good spot.”
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“I don't have the words except that we love to walk and and enjoy the beauty mixed with historic buildings. Quote :There is so much to explore in terms of history inside the garden. Near the Adderley Street entrance a statue of Queen Victoria stands overlooking the Slave Lodge, while a statue of Jan Smuts looks on. Just over the road is the St George’s Cathedral, known as the “people’s church”—even during the apartheid era, all races were welcomed. It was also the starting point for the 30,000-strong demonstration led by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 1989—and where Tutu coined the phrase ‘rainbow people’ to describe the diversity of South Africa’s population. The Garden is also home to the South African Museum and the Cape Town Holocaust Centre here, where you can view exhibits about the atrocities suffered by Jews during World War II. Beyond that, there are dozens of little historical treasures you’d easily miss if you weren’t looking for them. There is the Rutherford Fountain—which still stands on the original spot where it was erected in 1864—and the well pump embedded in an oak tree which dates back to 1842. There’s also the oldest cultivated tree in South Africa—a saffron pear, propped up on huge steel crutches. ”
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Nature Preserve
“Table Mountain is a flat-topped mountain forming a prominent landmark overlooking the city of Cape Town in South Africa. It is a significant tourist attraction, with many visitors using the cableway or hiking to the top. The mountain forms part of the Table Mountain National Park.”
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“Green Point Urban Park includes a fitness park for cycling, outdoor training and gym. ”
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Nature Preserve
“A lovely experience to see the penguins. It's a far drive so do it in off peak traffic times ie weekdays.”
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“Vergelegen has historical value, homestead of first Governor of the Cape, with antique furniture and ming dynasty china in the manor house, library, 17 different gardens, 300 year old camphor trees, wine tasting and restuarants. Simply a must visit! ”
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“Beautiful picnic venue with mountains hiking trails, waterfalls, river ponds for swimming, huge lawns for picnics, as well as a restaurant. The perfect family & friends picnic venue! ”
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“It is reasonably priced and a beautiful place to while away a morning or afternoon.”
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“Our favourite place for a beautiful hike in the Jonkershoek mountains. Sossyskloof is one of our best hikes in the reserve. And Saaltjie is a more strenuous hike but amazing views. Also great for mountain biking”
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“It is famous for its many hiking trails and beautiful scenery, unique flora and fauna.”
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“The Company's Garden is a park and heritage site located in central Cape Town. The garden was originally created in the 1650s by the region's first European settlers and provided fertile ground to grow fresh produce to replenish ships rounding the Cape. ”
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Other Great Outdoors
“It is situated at the most South Westerly point of Africa. 7000 hectares of nature reserve. It has almost 2000 species of "Fynbos" a unique floral kingdom.From the old lighthouse you will have spectacular views of the whole Cape Peninsula. Sea currents meet there namely the Agulhas - & the Benguela current. It also has a very good trstaurant overlooking False bay.”
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Italiaans restaurant
“This beautiful farm offers fine dining at Babel, a beautifully curated gift shop, a 5 acre vegetable garden and delicious tea garden. Well worth a visit. ”
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“Many many many walks... if you like hiking, this is the place. Just stay safe and walk in a group!”
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Uitlaatgebied voor honden
“Massive Children's play areas, indoors and outdoors, local musicians, decor and fashion shopping, as well as gourmet food. Saturdays and Sundays only.”
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