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Eten en restaurants in Buenos Aires Province

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“Neighborhood that represents our historical places with a wide variety of restaurants, antiques, street shops and craftsmen.”
  • Door 195 locals aangeraden
“Famous place to eat meat. Make reservation or wait patiently because is always crowded.”
  • Door 165 locals aangeraden
Argentinian Restaurant
“an elegantly rustic, old-school parrilla and neighborhood establishment. A contender in the best steak house battle, come for perfectly ccoked bife and absolutely killer morcilla (blood sausage) at non-touristy prices”
  • Door 148 locals aangeraden
“Traditional pizza store. This is the way Argentine people eat pizza. You may have a seat or stand at the bar and orden "muza con fainá". ”
  • Door 107 locals aangeraden
“Iconic pizza place, located at recognised Corrientes Av, where theatres and lights stand out”
  • Door 115 locals aangeraden
“Want a great burger and not looking for a longer meal this is one of the many new great burger places that have popped up and are excellent. I think you will agree that the burgers in BA hold there own to many top burgers in the USA or anywhere else in the world!!”
  • Door 44 locals aangeraden
Argentinian Restaurant
“This is a San Telmo restaurant at its best: tightly packed tables, patrons knocking elbows, suited waiters, a sweaty asador and great meat. It started with one floor but now has three, including a rooftop terrace. Order your meat jugoso (rare) and the waiter might just cut it with a spoon. Like La Cabrera, it’s a bit pricier but the whole experience is a good value.”
  • Door 66 locals aangeraden
Argentinian Restaurant
“Good parrilla, friendly and lively atmosphere and low prices. I usually go here with my friends. Go very early or late or you'll have to wait forever for a table.”
  • Door 84 locals aangeraden


“Emblematic cultural café that dates back to the mid 1850's. Located in the heart of the downtown area, on Av. de Mayo. VERY TOURISTY. ”
  • Door 196 locals aangeraden
Frans restaurant
“Healthy and tasty meals for every day. Just one block apart from Quartier Dorrego.”
  • Door 89 locals aangeraden
“This is both a restaurant and outdoor café which is a great spot when you are ready to visit the famous Cementerio Recoleta. You can sit outside or inside, but recommend enjoying the ambiance outside. Great for small meals, a drink or two, tapas, and great sandwiches. This area is especially great on the weekends as you will find a great outdoor market with local arts and crafts for sale.”
  • Door 68 locals aangeraden
“Along with it's 'sister' La Poesia, this is one of two traditional restaurants, very typical of old Buenos Aires. Having the same owner, they both have the same varied menu, including burgers, pastas, salads, sandwiches and some very good sharing platters (‘picadas’) . Both have a great atmosphere and interesting antique/vintage décor, without being super ‘touristy.’ Try a craft beer accompanied by a traditional ‘picada.’ A great option any time of day.”
  • Door 55 locals aangeraden
“A slightly smaller, more intimate version of its 'brother' El Federal. A varied menu, relaxed atmosphere and traditional/vintage decor. Great to while away the hours on a relaxing morning.”
  • Door 48 locals aangeraden
“This was the first pedestrian street in downtown. Now there are many others. It's fun to walk along it between the crowds, checking out the street vendors and amazing architecture. Watch for pickpockets though. ”
  • Door 46 locals aangeraden
“So far is our best and traditional coffee store in Buenos Aires the best "Medialunas" (porteño croissant) in town”
  • Door 64 locals aangeraden
Frans restaurant
“Has many locations, one of them, within the Museum of Decorative Arts in Recoleta, (Av. del Libertador 1902). Very beautiful environment. The other one, within the Larreta Museum in Belgrano, (Vuelta de Obligado 2155). ”
  • Door 46 locals aangeraden


“You have to be well-informed in order to find it. Is located on Independencia. On the left, in the direction where the cars go by, next to a garage, there is a double wooden door and a doorbell”
  • Door 2 locals aangeraden
“The best maracuya cheesecake in town!!! Beautiful place to have dessert / coffee :) ”
  • Door 29 locals aangeraden
Frans restaurant
“Mornings coffee in the sunshine is a great way to start your day, Lunches are great as well!”
  • Door 30 locals aangeraden
“Pastries, breakfast, brunch and snacks served in an informal French-style atmosphere.”
  • Door 32 locals aangeraden
“Restaurant variado, pero se recomienda pasar por allí por un buen postre. We recommend having a good cake for dessert.”
  • Door 24 locals aangeraden
“Visit the nearby Mercado de las Pulgas after stopping by Salvaje Bakery for coffee, sandwiches, salads. ”
  • Door 15 locals aangeraden
“Cosy place to have a brunch, scrambled eggs, sandwiches, juices, lemonades, served with love by the owners. ”
  • Door 28 locals aangeraden
“One of the better bakery shop, organic food, and amazing internal garden, in a marvelous old building.”
  • Door 26 locals aangeraden