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Look no further this is it. FUSCHIA, Cabin # 6

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Please do not send me your phone number and expect call back. Airbnb does not allow to exchange phone numbers or e-mail id till reservation is made. When you send me your phone number or e mail id it comes hidden. Please print directions from google maps, google fuschia kotagiri. Cabin 7 is small and in very wooded area, forest I grew around here. If you don’t want to be in Forrest surrounded by trees then may be this one is not for you.

De ruimte
We offer nine beautiful cabins with attached baths for nature lovers & health conscious travelers alike. Also its a paradise for bird watchers. If you have any health issue that prevents you from walking short distances apx 300 meters on walk way , each cabin provides accommodation for two people not three. At one point in time this entire area was internationally deemed as the second best climate in the world after Pasadena, California. Gone those days and it will get worst. This place 'Fuschia' (named after the beautiful non indigenous flower in a bell shape) happens also to have many of these flowers in a huge spectrum of colors. There is a Hindu temple which is right next to parking lot, over a period of time local farmers have planted tea on the road, this causes an inconvenience to walk, but at the same time it's a little historic reflecting it's original state. You have to walk 10 min from the parking lot on a nice scenic trail to reach the cabins (I love calling this an automatic tread mill). But once again if you have difficulty walking also if your are city person there is nothing here for you. You will be bored from surroundings and regret on your decision of coming here. By the same token if you love grandeur of nature and don't want to spend too much money then you will be in love at first sight. There are no shops and restaurants around but aren't you sick of them? Anyway these cabins are Large, Medium and small with attach very clean baths, each cabin got king size beds, one small cabin with smaller size bed but two can cuddle. Also this is not the place where you want to measure the size of the cabin but vastness of outside beauty. Also each bath got hot shower with low pressure, bucket bath is way to go with geyser heated water. This place is zero star, to me this star ranking system is good for cities. In old days there were no star system and people live quite nice lives in villages compare to artificial life we are pushing ourselves into in cities. This is back to basics concept and coming here you are going back in time. Jack London, Shakespeare and list goes on who lived in simple cabins or cottages, which probably helped sharpened there brains. Anyway bathrooms got color combination tiles, granite, high end plumbing fittings, very colorful wash basins which I picked up from Thailand. You can also enjoy Gazebo/Sun room just to kick back or do nothing all day and rest after that in the evening by the fire side. For wild life lovers watch heard of Bison's, lots of birds etc. Only animals I have seen are Wild boars, Deer, Porcupines, Rabbits, one time I counted heard of 33 Bison, Leopards and vast variety of birds. Just to be on record last sighting of pair of leopard was on evening of Feb 8th ,2015 by me and Gardner Sandhu for about 5 min with flash light across the creek. April 26th evening all guests saw pair of leopard at distance, Feb 2016 we saw three bears. September 18h our dog was taken by Leopard right in front of cook and gardener, since then till now I’ve seen many time and stop counting, don’t be scared they only come for cats and dogs. About the size of golden reteriver or little bigger but never heard attacking cows or human, only active at night. I saw two with flash light and they walked away, made my evening and I consider my self lucky enough to sight them. Seeing animals and birds is healthy sight since they are loosing there homes to viscous human beings who are not hesitant to kill them, cut forest and burn. Personally me working hard for past few years won the battle but lost the war. When you come here you will see what I mean. As far this place goes you can go on mild to moderate hike to waterfall or if you are courage's enough then climb tall mountain right in front of you, you can also walk on a trail to village called Bibin, usually village people are very welcoming and will invite you for tea or coffee into there homes. Also to make you feel better all the money you give for these cabins eventually trickle down to poverty driven people who were born in poverty and after working hard all there lives still living in poverty. There lives are almost like modern day slavery, dark side of this paradise. Especially women who pluck tea leaves under hot sun or rain and get paid very little. Surprisingly they always have beautiful smile in spite of going through never ending hardships unlike people in big cities. Anyway you are not coming here to end world hunger but to enjoy your time so lets get to the point. This place is little bit off the beaten path and very few people live around this area. If you like inner cities person then again this is not the place for you. I don't want to discourage you not to come but same time bit concern if this is a good match for you. Since there are no shops all around here so you can do all the shopping in Kotagiri and stack up the refrigerator. Mostly its the caretakers who goes and do shopping for you to kotagiri market and pass on the bills to you of what ever price they paid plus small profit on top, but still your meals price is not that high. For couple having Breakfast, lunch and dinner it will cost 1200 Rs a day, for single person 600 Rs a day, if you skip either meal then. OST will be less. Its quite a task for them to bringing groceries, gas calendar etc back down hill from kotagiri. I am personally hardly involved in doing anything around here other then to communicate with you and pass your phone number to Ishwar. Staying here is brilliant idea to contribute to poor, simultaneously you get your pleasure of staying in beautiful setting with awesome beauty around, you go to bed with noise of waterfall and wake up to the sound of birds. When you leave you can be proud of contributing towards not so privileged everyday life people in Nilgiris. Staying here American novelist John Muir's saying applies " A day spent in a nature is a day added to your life". If you have more then a back pack or carry on's then guys will be courteous enough to give you helping hand. I am sure they will appreciate tips too. People around are very humble and down to earth. Try not arrive very late at night but if you do please inform Ishwar. Can't buy beer or hard liquor around. Please bring Flash lights, books you always wanted to read. Please do not littler, have respect for next visitors and environment around. Some lady I never met tossed dirty diaper in the tea estate during there stay, I hope she never comes back again. Since it is such a small place no guarantee you will get cabin. Oh by the way water fall doesn't look as nice due to deforestation. Some people especially coming from cities buying land have no respect for nature and they are not hesitant to cut trees which took years to grow. Land without trees look bare and horrible. Forest around here with old matured trees is diminishing very quickly, wild animals loosing there home. Criminal actives in cutting Shola trees ( Indigenous trees) is quite common here especially by outsider not the locals. This is crying shame, we talk about vanishing Amazon forest but this is happening right here in Nilgiris. Unfortunately none of the rich tea planters all around raises voice or concern over deforestation. But if labor working in fields demand bit more money in wages that is four letter word to them. Anyway morning and evenings are very pleasant. Do not wonder off during afternoon, sun can be strong. If you are not in a good shape don't attempt to go on hike especially if you are heavy smoker. Most of the time I am not here but just in case if I am here and I happen to be driving to Kotagiri then I would love to give you ride from Ooty to Kotagiri. Also if you need help with pick up and drop off there is a real nice guy who got small New car and he can take you around sight seeing etc for fair price also pick you up from Coimbatore train station or airport and drop you back. Same applies to hikers, we got pro who know Nilgiris like back of his hand and all the hikes in this region, his name Anil and you can ask me his cell number.

Toegang voor gasten
Only cooks we have can cook you meals upon request. If your are more then couple of people then you have to pay for extra added help 400. Cook charges 400 Rs a day to cook you breakfast, lunch, dinner including pampering you. If you skip our lunch still the price is just the same I feel this is a deal, cook is under sold :} especially for the location they are happy with this money. Please let Baby (cook) go around 9 P.M since she has to cook you breakfast also. You can eat as late you want, there is extra help to serve you late. Also there is another guy who take care of you or run around doing misc things for you also hauling your luggage up and down from. He is happy with the tips. If you want to have bon fire in the evening it will cost you apx 200 rs. We don't cut trees and wood comes from city or left over from pruning tea. If you come in large group then there are couple of ladies who are very good in cooking S Indian meals. You won't be disappointed, if you want to indulge yourself in cooking please do that. I have observed guests taking classes from these ladies. I totally admire there devotion to cook and to clean on top sun dry all the dishes after washing. We have very limited amenities no sushi bar but can cook fish, no chicken rolls but chicken curry mild or hot. No lintel soup but Dal. If you like to drink coffee late night or early morning then ask Baby for Hot water Kettle and small coffee packs. If you are smoker then bring smokes and matches, no smoking in the rooms please. I tried very hard to make this place immaculate and very comfortable for guests. Over the period of time I have observed that local people from this area are poor but very honest and giving. They not hesitate to give you helping had in a heart beat. If they help you in anyway please feel free to give them a tip. There is pile of plastic all over in Nilgiris and its very common site when pile gets bigger to get rid of all the plastic someone will start fire and all the toxic chemicals goes in the air we breath here. Oh yes one more last thing all the pictures of beautiful Nilgiri mountains or rolling hills you see on your coffee table books or travel magazines are only for coffee moment, in reality lot of nice place have been turned into concrete jungle in very bad taste. Some old buildings so called British Bungalows are still very charming to look at. PLEASE BRING FLASH LIGHTS. If you have to take auto from Kotagiri it cost you around 200 Rs. Please do not push your luck exploring too much too quick, nature can be harsh. You can get seriously hurt jumping rocks around the waterfall. There are no doctors around. If you forgot something or need something from town there is someone always going there and can bring you what for no extra charge.

Andere dingen waar je op moet letten
Please bring Flash light or any thing which is important for you like medicine etc. You can do all your shopping in Kotagiri to stack up refrigerator, I rather have couple of women do shopping for you, they know all the raw vegetables, spices they need. If you miss something you have to drive back to town to buy something very basic like tomatoes, garlic, coconut etc. They are very picky how to cook. Only choice you have is to tell them hot or mild. Please feel free to give them suggestion to cook something new. They probably will save you money doing shopping. There is no charge for this it will be good if you toss them tip. There is natural spring around the cabins, I drink water from there. You don't have to buy water bottles, spring water gets filtered. Cell phone works good and we have 4 G. Its very common I get e-mails with phone number to call back guests, but on Airbnb E-mail Id's and phone numbers are deleted automatically till reservation is made and accepted by me. So don't expect call back if you have not made reservation and charged your card. If you have boots which you have not used in a while, collecting dust, bring them. Hiking boots will give you good grip also prevent injuries. During Monsoon season leaches are common, they are harmless, they love sucking on your blood, carry salts and they will drop. This only applies if you are out in the woods for hiking etc close to water body. They are all over Nilgiries. Bring head cover since it can get hot during around noon, sun is strong. Air quality is good here but around city and on roads not too good, due to heavy diesel traffic. Most vehicles are gross polluters. Dark monoxide, carbon dioxide fumes are common behind most of the automobiles. I've experienced at times it is hard to breath, and looks like smoke bomb went off. Good old days are gone. I've also observed thousands of tourist coming and making Nilgiris dirty. It's common sight to see bus stopping on highway and people eating packed food they bring out side the bus and when done tossing all the garbage on the street.
Please do not send me your phone number and expect call back. Airbnb does not allow to exchange phone numbers or e-mail id till reservation is made. When you send me your phone number or e mail id it comes hidden. Please print directions from google maps, google fuschia kotagiri. Cabin 7 is small and in very wooded area, forest I grew around here. If you don’t want to be in Forrest surrounded by trees then may be thi… lees verder


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Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu, India

I love this place because for couple of reasons , you can be in a quite serene and quaint place . Especially in India it is hard to find very quite places without ear deafening noise everywhere. Since there are no roads around so you don't even hear traffic. Winters are very nice and moderate. Summer can be warm . No air pollution or noise pollution around. Big towns around are quite polluted and dirty. Ooty and Coonoor are not what they use to be. During high season in summer streets are packed with tourist shoulder to shoulder with water shortage in hotel rooms. There are lot of restaurants in Ooty also fast food chains like Domino Pizza, Subway, Baskin Robins South Indian restaurants especially Ananda Bhawan. Its good Idea to get out and take day trip to Coonor and Ooty. If you go to Ooty visit Vegetable market and fish market. You really get good fish there and Baby will cook for you. Also its fun to take small train ride from Ooty to Coonor. Its called blue mountain train. Credit goes to British bringing train to ooty going back century. Please keep in mind this is small place middle of nowhere and can accommodate only few people at a time. Things can go wrong, power failure due to storms, monkeys can get inside the kitchen. So far haven't had any crises. but this applies to every day life in Nilgiris. Avoid long hikes if you are not in a shape, especially during hot sun. Avoid going too close to bison to take pictures. This area is free range for Bisons and some days there are lot of them and some days non. Its really fun to ride small train which is also called Blue Mountain Railways, it runs from Ooty to Coonoor also from Ooty to Metapalaum via Coonor. Locomotive enthusiastic comes from all over the world to ride steam engine which is Apx over 100 year old. If it was not for British we wont have these trains running today.
I love this place because for couple of reasons , you can be in a quite serene and quaint place . Especially in India it is hard to find very quite places without ear deafening noise everywhere. Since there a…

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Archives Subscriptions RSS Feeds Site Map ePaper Mobile Social SEARCH Home News Opinion Sport Business Arts Life & Style S & T Education Health Jobs Classifieds Today's Paper Topics TODAY'S PAPER » IN SCHOOL UDHAGAMANDALAM, November 9, 2012 A sparrow garden springs up in Ooty D. RADHAKRISHNAN SHARE · PRINT · T+ ‘Sparrow is a very important part of the eco system’ Bird loverSharan Deep Singh placing nests for sparrows at the Five Lanterns junction in Udhagamandalam.Photo:M Sathyamoorthy The Five Lanterns Junction, one of the most crowded parts of this hill station which has for long been associated with chaotic and noisy scenes witnessed a heartening development on Wednesday. Encouraged by autorickshaw drivers in the area, a bird lover Sharan Deep Singh climbed a tree inside a small traffic garden and placed a few mud pots with holes for sparrows to nest. Later speaking to The Hindu , Mr. Singh, a resident of Kotagiri, said that it was part of his initiative to conserve sparrows. Pointing out that the sparrow is a very important part of the eco system, he regretted that over the last three decades they have been more or less wiped out in Punjab, Haryana and some parts of North India. Sparrows have become an extremely rare sight in Punjab due to the indiscriminate use of pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers, pollution caused by automobiles and factories and mushrooming constructions. Lamenting that not only in the North but also in other parts of the country use of toxins is on the rise, he said that certain species of birds, honeybees and fireflies have vanished. Expressing the hope that those at the helm of affairs and the people would view the development as a ‘red flag warning’, Mr. Singh cautioned that the ‘air we breathe and food we eat is no longer safe’. Efforts to protect the environment, the degradation of which is leading to the extinction of birds like sparrows are conspicuous by their absence. To a query, he said that the population of sparrows in the municipal market and its surroundings like the Five Lanterns Junction here is healthy. However, they can do with some help. It is a fine example of co-existence. One of the reasons for the high number of sparrows in the market is that the use of harmful chemicals is less when compared to the vegetable fields in various parts of the Nilgiris. Research has shown that consumption of contaminated water leads to maladies like cancer and also birth defects. Groundwater has been affected. Suggesting that the traffic garden should be named, “Sparrow Garden”, Mr. Singh acknowledged the help being extended by traders in the area in maintaining it and hoped that the nests will not be vandalized. They should be treated in the same manner as, “we treat our houses”. Lauding the gesture, P.J. Vasanthan, a noted bird watcher, said that such values are hard to come by.
Archives Subscriptions RSS Feeds Site Map ePaper Mobile Social SEARCH Home News Opinion Sport Business Arts Life & Style S & T Education Health Jobs Classifieds Today's Paper Topic…
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I personally don't live here full time, so far I have met only few guests, care takers are here to take care of you and to interact with you. I am sure there are things we can go better, feel free to contribute your advise to caretakers. Your contribution will help future travelers. Personally if I have a choice I like to interact with monkeys more then human beings. They come and go on there free will, I personally prefer that. Some day there will be 20 of them and other day none. If monkey are around keep your cabin close or they will get in for your snacks, they have good taste for Frito lays chips, chocolates etc. So far I have not heard any complains from guests. There is always room for improvement, anything you observe is not right please feel free to raise voice and tell them. Your concerns will help us to serve you better in future. I strongly recommend you not to come here if you are not strong enough to go up and down on very mild/moderate walk for about 300 meters or if you are a city person.
I personally don't live here full time, so far I have met only few guests, care takers are here to take care of you and to interact with you. I am sure there are things we can go b…
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