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Gehele villa aangeboden door Kim & Ray

8 gasten, 4 slaapkamers, 5 bedden, 7,5 badkamers
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★ Book 8 nights and get the $ 2.300,- EXTRA PACKAGE
★ Including Tommy's vintage jeep
★ Private pool in Tropical garden
★ WiFi as Strong as a Coconut
★ Includes entrance to Jan Thiel Beach (300 m.)
★ Walk to Restaurants, Shops & Supermarket (300 m.)

Somebody better tell Johan our accountant to sit down because we're about to do something crazy! When you book now a minimum stay of 8 days you'll get 15 amazing extra's. For more information on the 'Extra Package' see the listing photo’s.

De ruimte
When you're visiting a unique Caribbean island like Curacao, you don't want your experience to be spoiled by the uniformity hotels offer for mass tourism.

The problem is they offer exactly the same thing as they offer in any other place in the world. Without the right accommodation and the right host your vacation can feel like a single sausage and you'll live with the regret of missed out experiences the island life has to offer.

It's time to ditch the hotel, so at the comfort of this private luxury vacation home you can enjoy the real island way of living.

Villa Beachroad Hill is a place without deadlines and demands, it's a place where you can connect with loved ones and together create new memories to last for a lifetime. Where you can breathe freely, live spontaneously and relax in style.

No more hurries, no more worries and no more stress. It's all about Good times & Tan lines. That's what we call LIVING THE HAPPY ISLAND LIFE and Villa Beachroad Hill by Tommy Coconut offers the best of what you need to do that.

This spacious (400 m2) villa was recently remodeled and tastefully furnished in Island fashion.

It’s located in Jan Thiel, in a popular residential resort area, and within 300 meters you walk to the beach, restaurants, shops and supermarket v/d Tweel (Dutch Albert Heijn).

It’s a good thing that vacation calories don’t count with so many fine restaurant within walking distance.

Get in a tropical state of mind by enjoying your morning coffee on the porch with views of over the tropical garden.

If you want to see some tropical birds from close by, we encourage you to put some sugar on the deck. Soon you’ll have a group of new friends who will visit you daily while singing the popular island song ‘Don't worry, be happy’.

Probably the best way to describe this porch is as a very spacious, comfortable, outside living room where you can chill in the shade or have the island breeze put your mind at ease while taking a relaxing nap the hammock.

One of the rules to live the happy island life is that you should spend 10 minutes in a hammock every single day, unless you’re too busy. Then you should spend an hour.

From the porch you will also oversee the wonderful swimming pool and you overlook the entire front garden area. The garden surroundings are like a tropical haven and are very well kept and that makes it ideal for outside living, which is a huge part of living the happy island life.

Take a refreshing dive in the pool, chill in the shade of the Cabana or get a tan while lounging on one of the sun-beds.

In the evening you can have outside diners on the porch, or if you have a Grillmeister in your group you can plan a tasty BBQ party.

Before it gets dark make sure to watch the specular of changing colors when the sun slowly goes down while appreciating the cold Amstel Bright in your hand.

Notice how many words we spent on describing the porch and the outside area? Because that’s where you’ll spend most of your time. We’ll bet you a coconut you’re gonna have many fabulous moments to cherish from there, and that's why we took the appropriate time to describe this for you.

The spacious outside porch is connected with the inside living area with a big glass folding door, this makes the house feel very open and you’ll be very pleased to feel the fresh island breeze also inside of the house.

The living room has a flatscreen Smart TV allowing you to watch Netflix, or anything else of your choosing that the internet has to offer. However, while on the island we recommend to watch more sunsets than Netflix.

We understand you love WiFi and therefore our WiFi connection is as strong as a coconut. In the rare occasion that the WiFi signal would get weak, we suggest you switch to strong rum and you won't be bothered by this inconvenience anymore.

Enjoy creating meals together in the modern kitchen which is fully equipped with a microwave, oven, dishwasher and all cooking essentials. A big American fridge will keep them drinks nice and cold, or get a tasteful cup of coffee from the Senseo coffeemaker.

In total you have four air-conditioned bedrooms and with each their own private bathroom. The master bedroom has a king size bed, a private bathroom and a walk in closet.

All beds, in every bedroom, are King size and come with a most comfortable Bamboo Temperature Regulating Memory Foam mattress topper. This offers very firm support and at the same time it feels as soft as like you’re sleeping on a dreamy cloud.

You may expect the very best in bed linen, also made from Bamboo material. This feels softer than a 1.000 thread Egyptian cotton and it sleeps 3 degrees cooler.

And did you know that Bamboo also offers the best hygiene? Bamboo is allergens resistant and repels dust mites and bed bugs. Bed bugs hate Bamboo, and that's why these beds don’t have them.

Now who wouldn't want to sleep comfier, cooler and cleaner?

Although for 98% of your time on the island the dress code is: “If you’re not barefoot, you’re overdressed”, you do get a washing machine, dry rack and ironing board. On the other hand, you also have the option to go on full vacation mode and have this done by a good laundry company only minutes down the road.

We understand that when people are far from home they might feel a bit more insecure because they don't know the new environment that they are in yet. However, you can trust the property and the area are very safe. In fact, we belong to the very few and fortunate in this world who to this day don’t have an alarm system.

We do work with Jan Thiel Security service, a private company who secures the property and guests with 24/7 surveillance patrol and camera monitoring of the area.

Maybe the best way to describe the safety is that in the evening you will see a lot of islanders walking and jogging in the streets and you can feel free to do so too.

Water/Electric cost

Guests pay extra for the electricity and water they use (in our experience this is on average US$ 10,- per bedroom). The reason is that because guests are renting the entire property for themselves, we can't control or someone by mistake leaves the air conditioning on while away to the beach, or maybe leaves a faucet open. We believe that we all should try to avoid unnecessary costs and environmental impact regards usage of water and electricity.


We understand that a lot of people will be affected by the corona crisis financially and may not be able to invest in a vacation the way they used to do.

So in the spirit of Tommy Coconut, who says "There is an island of opportunity in the middle of every difficulty", we got together with some of our best partners on the island for cocktails and then we became very creative in creating more value for our guests.

That's how we created the EXTRA PACKAGE, a package from which you'll get 200% more value then what you pay for.

You'll get double the money you spend and triple the joy and happiness from the many extra’s you're absolutely gonna appreciate, and without having to pay for it :-)

In fact most of these extra's you probably paid for the last time when you where on the island and the others, for sure, you shouldn't want to miss out on.

And, for those who have a unlimited budget … no one wants to waste money on overpaying or taking unnecessary risks.

Now you can (temporarily) benefit from the 15 amazing EXTRA'S you'll get when you book now a minimum stay of 8 days (or more of course):


While everyone else is standing in line at the rental car company or have to make an extra stop to pick up their rental car, you'll be welcomed as a VIP by your driver Gibi. He will be waiting for you at the airport with a cooler full of refreshing drinks for you to enjoy on your way to your vacation home.
(value $ 75,-)


Tommy’s vintage jeep is not going to be the most comfortable, nor the most luxury ride you can have, in fact a shopping cart in the supermarket drives more comfortable, but you'll absolutely experience the most fun, joy and happiness cruising around in 'island style'.

Driving open you’ll perceive so much more of the surroundings you are in and when you sense the wind going true your hair it makes you’ll feel free as a bird. Joining with this feeling of freedom is the practical fact that not having any windows makes it also a stress free car because you never have to worry about smashed in windows. How great is that!

Adding this jeep to your stay is the ultimate way for you to 'live the happy island life'.

You do have to promise us to be respectful with this car because vintage means it's old and they just don't make 'm like this anymore. And Tommy LOVES his jeep!
(You’ll save on car rental / value $ 320,-)


We understand it's much nicer to unpack and take a jump in the pool rather than having to go to the supermarket first isn't it? Please send us your groceries list and we are more than happy to get you your item’s that are available on the island. We will make sure them drinks are nice and cold waiting for you up on your arrival.
(value $ 25,-)


We'll make sure that you'll have enough of the items you need to get you started the first days. Trash bags, soap, coffee, thee, milk, sugar, dishwasher machine soap, toilet paper and soap for the laundry machine.
(value $ 25,-)


You'll enjoy free access to all of the Jan Thiel beaches: Papagayo beach, Zest beach, Zanzi bar and Koko's beach club. (normal entrance price naf 6,- per person)
(value $ 50,-)


Being so close to the Spanish Water you should benefit from the location and you can do that by having fun on the Stand Up Paddle Boards.
(value $ 75,-)


Go on a little adventure exploring the Spanish Water with a Kayak. We bet you a coconut you're goanna love that!
(value $ 75,-)


These new modern water bikes are a guarantee to have fun with on the Spanish Water.
(value $ 75,-)


Mostly on Saturdays and Sundays you'll see many local people on the public beaches. For them the beach is like an extension of their living room and it's where they have family gatherings and celebrate birthdays. And the way they do this is with a BBQ. When you walk on such a beach and hear the music coming from many music boxes and the same time and you your are surrounded with happy faces from dancing people and your nose picks up the smell of all the different bbq's you'll realize that this unique vibe just isn't for sale at any of the fancy beach clubs :-). Tommy believes it's a big part of 'living the happy island life' and that's why we rent you a portable beach bbq so now you can become part of this as well.
(value $ 75,-)


Prepare to meet the two most enthusiastic tour guides on the island who’s sole purpose in life is to spent as much as possible time in this area. Christmas is a diva dachshund who kind of adopted the former street dog Wolfy. If you like nature and walking you’ll love their tour. Especially because 98% of the tourists never get to experience this beautiful nature reserve, and how could they if there is no signage with directions? You would probably never find your way back. However with Christmas and Wolfy you can rest assure you will because they can smell their way back.

This is a one and a half hour hiking tour where most of the times you'll get to see Flamingo's from close by. At the end, if you want to, you can have a refreshing swim in the Caribbean sea. At the completion of this tour you don't have to tip your guides, nonetheless you may want to throw them a bone.
(value $ 25,-)


On the calm Spanish water you'll be able to see some of the exclusive, multiple million-dollar, waterfront homes you'll never get to see from the streets. And if you promise to keep it a secret we'll even show you where some of the houses of famous people (like baseball players and ‘World known’ dj's) are at. But stay cool if you see them, you don't wanna embarrass us lol. At Santa Barbara beach the boat goes for anchor and you can take a refreshing dive in the Caribbean sea. Until the captain says: "All aboard!” and on your way back you may witness the sunset from the water, a point of view from which that can be breathtaking. Best viewed with a cold Amstel Bright in your hand.
(value $ 350,-)


Our house keeping will come by to do some light cleaning around the house because we know it creates the ultimate vacation feeling if you don't have to do that yourself doesn’t it? When you stay longer then 8 day's, you should (really no joke you should stay longer), also your beds will be changed.
(value $ 95)


The more the merrier and being with more people can either make you money because you don't have to pay for extra rooms, or save you money by splitting the bill together. Most of all you’ll get huge value from creating new memories all together.
(value $ 525,-)


We understand that no one likes the stress of 11.00 early morning check-out times and that no one likes to walk half a day, no where to go, with their luggage around. Just like no one enjoys it to have to change their clothes somewhere in a dirty bathroom. And who enjoys having to sit in an airplane not feeling fresh but instead feeling the sand between your toes?

You don’t like that, we don’t like that, no one likes that. Therefore we will buy you one extra day (date needs to be free at the time you book, if not we can’t offer this of course), so while everyone else on departure day is stressing with 11.00 early morning check-out times you’ll be assured of the most comfortable and relaxed departure day because you can stay as long as you want.
(value $ 450,-)


Your driver Gibi will bring you back to the airport and let that be the beginning of the journey that will lead to when we meet again!
(value $ 75,-)

So here you are, that's over $ 2.300,- of massive value in tangible extra's for you to 'live the happy island life'. And of course that may be not what it's costing us, but for sure it's what you would have to pay for it.

But at the end of the day, or better your vacation, it should not even be about the extra value in dollars you got, it should be about the extra experiences you got and the extra joy, pleasure and happiness you got out of this, because that's what you'll may value: PRICELESS.

Is Johan our accountant going to be ok you ask? Yeah he should be used to this kind of things from us and he is also very happy for you to come 'live the happy island life' at it's very best.

Now are you ready for salty air and to get some sand in your hair?

Then it's time to come out of your shell and seas the day because life is now!

Let's come experience 'Living the happy island life' at it's very best and feel your best by booking with us now.

We would love to sea you soon!

Sunny greetings,

Kim, Ray & entire Tommy Coconut Family

P.S.: You may find this a long description, but hey, island days and island ways. You may also own a watch, but here on the island you’ll own time :-)

P.P.S.: Babies & Mermaids stay for free.

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Every seashell has a story and ours is that we came to Curacao for the first time about 25 years ago to find out that the grass is always greener under a coconut tree. Right away we fell in love with the amazing people, the beautiful environment and the entire island way of living.. We live (the happy island life) in Curacao since 2007 and it's the place where our two children, Boy (23) and Raymonde (20), grew up. We are first of all family people and animal lovers, and second we own several properties. Most people on the island know us from the many real estate projects our family developed. Beautiful apartment resorts like: Spanish Water Residence & Marina, Masbango Beach Resort, Residencia Tropicana, Jan Thiel Hills Resorts, Residencia Terrace a La Mer and Residence Le Bleu. When our children flew out to study hospitality at Hotelschool The Hague and TIO University in Amsterdam we felt that our home became too big for just the 2 of us. But we have so much love for it that we didn't want to sell it. And that's how we decided to start to rent it out to vacationers. Very quickly after we started receiving the first guests we realized how much we enjoyed doing this and decided to free up more of our properties and make it a company: Tommy Coconut Vacation Homes.
Every seashell has a story and ours is that we came to Curacao for the first time about 25 years ago to find out that the grass is always greener under a coconut tree. Right away w…

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