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Yurt deck gas fireplace and grill
Yurt deck gas fireplace and grill
  • Tree house at Danville
  • Our NEW Turn of the Century FL Ranch house is available thru Airbnb and is on the same property as the other venues.
  • Inside the treehouse
  • TheYurt deck with fireplace and grill
  • Tree house at night, blue lights over hot tub
  • The Tiki hut bar
  • Wood-burning fireplace seats made of logs stumps
  • Wood-burning fireplace and tiki hut looking from the hot tub deck
  • Two-person outdoor hot cold shower
  • Hot tub at night
  • Sunset at the treehouse
  • Special seating around the fireplace
  • Looking to the West
  • Treehouse elevator and Tiki hut
  • Treehouse elevator
  • Barstool with bar
  • Outside shower
  • Entrance to outside shower
  • Hot tub deck with outdoor shower in background
  • Treehouse elevator and the golf cart that you will be given for your stay
  • Upper deck
  • Upper deck
  • Swing on the upper deck
  • Upper deck looking West
  • Yurt deck gas fireplace and grill
  • Kitchenette to the left television to the right
  • Murphy bed to the left dining table to the right
  • Panoramic view.
  • Queen-size Murphy bed on the right, glider and gliding chair
  • Murphy bed and unique tree inside the treehouse.
  • Personal shower inside the treehouse
  • Personal shower with accent lights turned on
  • Accent lights different color
  • Kitchenette refrigerator microwave and sink
  • Looking from the queen size bed
  • Murphy bed down for the night
  • Queen-size Murphy bed
  • Notice hot tub on lower deck DC-10
1920s fire tower stairs
  • this is the engine cowling of a DC-10 jet it will be our new hot tub
  • Before it was a hot tub
  • Shower with LED mood lighting the tree to the right is actually the shower control valve
  • The Murphy bed in the up position makes a lot of room during the day
  • The bear is actually the Ottoman
  • Elevator to the Yurt deck
  • Outdoor shower surrounded by bamboo
  • Mid-level deck hot tub to the left shower to the right sitting area in the middle
  • Tiki hut ground-floor and outdoor fire pit
  • Yurt deck gas fire pit gas grill
  • Upper observation deck with swing.
  • Dining table.
  • Flatscreen satellite, Netflix and Amazon
  •  mini kitchen, microwave mini fridge
  • The Airplane Hanger is another Airbnb venue available on property.
  • The Mancave is another Airbnb venue available on property.
  • Treehouse at Danville
  • The Luxury Yurt is another Airbnb venue available on property.
  • Walking the  Alpaca
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Yurt deck gas fireplace and grill
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