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Nuestra casa es tu casa
Nuestra casa es tu casa
  • Nuestra casa es tu casa
  • Finally we are ready in January 2012
  • We are right in the centre of the city!
  • It all began with a dream.........
  • In the perfect location.....
  • Dulce choose the colors
  • .... while the builders made jokes about digging up the old Spanish tiles to find the sewage line!
  • Casa Naranja Rm2: Colonial Central
  • Dulce decorated the inner garden and passage way
  • The inner patio and garden....
  • Our two air-conditioned, H/C water ensuite bedrooms open directly onto the inner patio and garden
  • The "Orange room"
  • "The orange room"
  • The "Orange room"
  • The "Green Room"
  • The "Green room"
  • The "Green room"
  • ...lead to the stairwell onto our roof terrace.
  • Ah, the roof terrace, a perfect place to relax, listen to music, smoke a cigar, whatever your fancy.
  • We are here to serve you, so you can truly enjoy this memorable Cuban experience!
  • Enjoying our roof terrace
  • Parque Ignacio Agramonte
  • My favourite cafe - Cafe Cuidad - on Agramonte Park
  • Parque Agramonte
  • We are just around the corner from the famous Ignacio Agramonte Park
  • El Centro
  • Camaguey streets
  • The product market
  • Alberto shopping for the house!
  • Camaguey
  • Dulce Maria includes free breakfast with your reservation.
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Nuestra casa es tu casa