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    Sancties voor het annuleren van reserveringen door de host

    Cancellations mess with guests' plans and can reduce confidence in our community, so as a Host you should do your best to fulfill all confirmed reservations. If something has come up and you simply can’t fulfill a reservation for any reason, it’s your responsibility (and not your guest's) to cancel as quickly as possible to allow your guest time to make new plans.

    There are certain limited circumstances where there are no adverse consequences to canceling.

    Cancellation fee

    If you cancel a confirmed reservation, a fee will be deducted from your first payout after the cancellation. The amount depends on when you accepted the reservation and how soon before check-in you canceled it:

    • More than 7 days before check-in, $50 will be deducted from your next payout
    • Less than 7 days before check-in, $100 will be deducted from your next payout

    Unavailable/blocked calendar

    If you cancel a confirmed reservation, your calendar may be blocked. This means you won't be able to accept another reservation that overlaps with the canceled one.

    Public review

    If you cancel before the day of check-in, an automated review will be posted to your listing's profile indicating that you canceled one of your reservations. These reviews can't be removed, but you may be able to write a public response to clarify why you needed to cancel.

    If you cancel on the day of check-in or later, guests can choose to leave a public review on your listing’s profile.

    Account suspension and deactivation

    If you cancel 3 or more reservations within a year, we may suspend or deactivate your listing.

    Superhost status

    Don’t chance losing your Superhost status. You must continue to meet the Superhost requirements during each assessment period, including maintaining a 1% or lower cancellation rate.

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