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    A listing is automatically assigned to a neighborhood based on its address and this neighborhood can’t be edited. The best way to make sure your listing’s neighborhood is correct is to make sure your address is as accurate as possible.

    How boundaries are determined

    Neighborhood boundaries are based on research with locals and city experts. A cartographer helps make sure these boundaries are accurate and up-to-date, and we’re always looking for ways to improve how we use boundaries. Since neighborhoods evolve over time, we are continuously updating our maps to increase their accuracy. If your listing’s neighborhood is a subset of a larger neighborhood, or if two neighborhoods overlap, your listing may show in search results for both neighborhoods.

    If you'd like your listing's location to show in a more exact location, you can choose how it will be publicly shown on the map.

    How “neighborhood types” are defined

    On the mobile app, guests have the ability to filter their search by neighborhood type (for example, “quiet” or “hip”). These descriptions allow guests to see the most relevant neighborhoods that best fit their trip, and were chosen based on research on the most common words guests use to describe a neighborhood they want to stay in.

    At this time, guests are asked in the review flow after checkout to choose which neighborhood types that best fit their listing. These guest selections are combined for every listing in a neighborhood, and the most frequently selected descriptions by guests are used to represent an important aspect of that neighborhood. These neighborhood types may change over time as guests and hosts provide more feedback.

    Leave feedback about neighborhoods

    If you feel your listed neighborhood is wrong or information regarding a neighborhood is incorrect, you can provide us direct feedback. While we can’t respond to everything, we encourage you to share your knowledge and opinions because the Neighborhoods team uses feedback to improve our platform.

    My address is wrong

    If the address of your listing is wrong, the neighborhood for your home may be incorrect as well. To change the address before your first booking, you can edit your listing. If you’ve already booked a reservation, you’ll need to contact us to change your address.

    No neighborhood showing for my listing

    While we’ve recently updated neighborhood information for popular travel destinations worldwide, not all locations have neighborhoods on Airbnb. If no neighborhoods are available, the search results won’t display a neighborhood filter for that location.

    Describe your neighborhood for guests

    Many travelers, instead of searching by neighborhood, use listing pages to learn about what location is right for their trip. Write a robust description of your listing so guests know your opinion of the surrounding neighborhood when looking at your listing page.

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