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Wat is het verschil tussen een co-host en een verhuurteam?

There are two ways to get extra support hosting on Airbnb: hosting teams and co-hosts. 

Hosting responsibilities 

A hosting team usually manages a listing owner’s place, their guests, and their online listing. It may be a business or team of people that you have a legal contract with. 

A co-host is often a friend or family member acting alone.

To help you choose, here are the differences between co-hosts and hosting teams:

Roles as a primary host

  • Co-hosts can be assigned to appear as the primary host by the listing owner, who is the primary host by default. In this case, guests are shown the co-host’s profile on the listing page.
  • A hosting team won’t appear as the primary host; in this case, the listing owner is shown as the primary host.

Accessing transaction history

  • Co-hosts don’t have access to the transaction history at any time.
  • A hosting team will have access to the entire transaction history for the listing.

Managing listings

  • Co-hosts need to be invited one at a time, but you can have more than one. They will all be able to perform the same actions.
  • All hosting team members with certain permissions will have access to manage your listing after you invite one person from a hosting team.
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