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    Wat zijn de standaarden van het Airbnb Plus-programma?

    The standards are a collection of criteria that sets the bar for well-designed spaces and exceptional hosts. Based on feedback from guests, top-performing hosts, and hospitality leaders, these standards reflect the style, comfort, and hospitality elements that travelers appreciate most. 

    All listings that are invited to join the program are required to meet these criteria in order to join, and uphold them after joining.

    The value of the standards: Meeting the program standards helps hosts delight their guests and earn great reviews. In addition, when all stays deliver on these high standards, it helps guests know they can expect a consistent level of quality from an Airbnb Plus stay, making the program designation more valuable.

    Do the standards change? As we learn more about what makes an outstanding stay, we update the program standards, adding more clarity and new, valuable guidance. So that all hosts in the program can benefit from what we’ve learned, we reach out periodically to share updated information.

    Overview of current Airbnb Plus program standards:

    Style standards

    Each room feels tied together and features pieces that create visual interest, helping guests connect with their environment and get a sense for the host.

    Comfort standards

    Spaces are clean and well cared for, offering everything a guest might need to make the most of their stay.

    Hospitality standards

    Memorable stays begin and end with genuine care and outstanding service with a personal touch. Airbnb Plus hosts bring their own unique spin on hospitality—welcoming guests with warmth, flexibility, and a commitment to making things right.

    Maintaining the Airbnb Plus standards

    Once a listing is part of the Airbnb Plus program, it should continue to uphold the high bar set by the standards.

    Guest review questions

    To help hosts know where they’re providing an outstanding experience and where there’s room to improve, we’ve updated the guest review questions to bring forward the feedback that matters most. We’re now asking guests questions after checkout that focus on the themes at the heart of today’s Airbnb Plus program: style, comfort, and hospitality. We’ve also removed the questions that you’ve told us offer you less value, such as the location accuracy of your listing.

    Getting feedback from guests

    There are two ways to learn what guests think about your place and hospitality:

    • Guest reviews: Along with your guest reviews, you’ll now find quick takeaways highlighting what stood out and what could be better, related to style, comfort, and hospitality. Go to your reviews to check out your takeaways.
    • Insights reports: We’ll email you regular insights reports letting you know how your guests rated the hospitality, style, and comfort of their stay.
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