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Het verschil tussen het Airbnb Plus- en Superhost-programma

Superhosts and Airbnb Plus Hosts represent the best of Airbnb, but they provide two different levels of service: Airbnb Plus goes far beyond Superhosting.

Airbnb Plus: All that and more

While Superhosts offer a high level of hospitality, Airbnb Plus Hosts provide even greater hospitality plus an exceptional physical space—one that’s spotless, well-designed, and thoughtfully equipped. Airbnb Plus Hosts also enjoy a number of exclusive complimentary benefits.

So, all Airbnb Plus Hosts are Superhosts, but not all Superhosts are Airbnb Plus Hosts.

Additional Airbnb Plus standards

Airbnb Plus Hosts provide outstanding service, demonstrating they genuinely care by:

  • Welcoming guests warmly and delighting them with details that show they’ve thought of everything
  • Being the epitome of kind, responsive, and committed to making things right

And that’s not all: Check out the full Airbnb Plus criteria and exclusivity requirements.


Airbnb Plus is an invite-only program for listings that truly stand out, whereas Superhosts automatically quality when they meet certain standards. Find out more about the rigorous Airbnb Plus qualification process.

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