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Zo werkt het

Hoe werkt het Airbnb Plus Advance Incentive Programma precies?

Airbnb is offering an incentive program to help hosts cover the cost of fixes they’ll need to complete to become verified for Airbnb Plus. Qualified hosts will receive an email inviting them to participate. The email will note a due date for their completed fixes and the amount of money being offered.

If the hosts accepts the offer, Airbnb will initiate the incentive payment to their Airbnb default payout method with the expectation that the host will submit their fixes by the due date. Read the terms and conditions.

How it works

Why is Airbnb offering me a payment incentive?

We know that you’ve already put a lot of time and effort into joining the Airbnb Plus program. While this money may not cover all your costs, we hope it helps you move forward more quickly so you can start enjoying the program benefits.

Purchasing and vendors

Do I need to submit receipts for my purchases or vendor payments?

Since the payment is an incentive for completing your fixes quickly, rather than a direct reimbursement for your purchases, you don’t need to submit receipts. We trust you to use this money responsibly to help cover your expenses.

What if I spend more on my fixes and updates than Airbnb has offered me?

The amount of money that we’ve offered you is non-negotiable. If you spend additional money on your fixes, the difference won’t be reimbursed. However, if you spend less money than the amount we’ve offered, you can keep the difference.

Am I required to work with certain vendors or make purchases from a specific store?

No, feel free to buy items for your home from any store you choose and to use any vendor who meets your needs. We want Airbnb Plus homes to feel unique and local, and to represent your individual style as a host.

Receiving the money

How will I receive this money if I accept the offer?

After you accept the offer, we’ll send the incentive payment to your default Airbnb payout method, the same way you receive a payout from a booking. You don’t need to set up a new account to receive it.

How long will it take to receive this money?

Once you accept the offer, the incentive payment will be initiated within 24 hours. You’ll receive a notification once it’s been initiated. Learn about payment processing time.

About the due date

I’m not able to complete all my fixes by the due date. What now?

By accepting the offer and receiving the incentive payment, you agreed to complete your Airbnb Plus fixes by the due date. While we won’t take back this money from you if you complete your fixes after the due date, we’d like to see you move forward as quickly as possible with Airbnb Plus. Keep in mind, the sooner you complete your fixes, the sooner you can start taking advantage of the program benefits.

More info

If you have questions or want to talk with someone from Airbnb Plus, contact us by responding via email to our original offer. We’re happy to help.

Review the full terms and conditions for the program.

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