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Je Airbnb Plus-status behouden

Plus is not your everyday stay. It’s an elevated experience. As an Airbnb Plus Host, you are expected to offer a high level of style and hospitality.

To maintain your Airbnb Plus status, you must:

To up your game even further, check out these tips on earning good reviews as an Airbnb Plus Host.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re making the grade is to ask your guests. There are two ways to learn what they think:

  • Guest reviews: Read through your ratings and reviews and check out your Performance page for key takeaways
  • Insights reports: Check your email for regular reports on how your guests have rated their stays

Your listing’s Plus classification, privileges, and license to use the Plus classification may be revoked at any time at Airbnb’s sole discretion or if: you violate the Plus Terms and Conditions, the Airbnb Terms of Service, or any other Airbnb terms and conditions applicable to you; you or your listing no longer meet the program’s eligibility standards or qualifying criteria; or you or your listing are involved in incidents that violate Airbnb’s hospitality standards.

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