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Let's play at the Cuban way!

Let's play at the Cuban way!

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We'll go to Gabriel's house: a comfortable and small place that is very good located, in Vedado. There we'll play games like dominó, parchís, pon, el papelito and more. If you don't know how to play any of them of course we'll teach you! In the while we'll give you tips for helping you to have a better stay in…
2 uur
Maximaal 6 personen
Equipment, Drinks, Food
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Hi, I'm Daniela! I'm a student of Graphic Design and photography. Also, love to spend time with my friends: laughing while we play many Cuban or international games. Me and my friend Gabriel, a young phsycholgist, thought on this idea for giving you the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon visiting a common Cuban house and having the chance to spend time with Cuban people as if you would be all-life friends, and with all the authenticity Cuban lifestyle has! So, what do you say about playing Cuban games with us and getting closer to our reality and lifestyle? Oh, and we have free snacks! ':D

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We'll meet in the Yara cinema and from there we'll walk to our place, the house of our friend Gabriel, in the centric Vedado. After the experience we'll help you to catch some transport to your logging, in case you need it.


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vr. 20 september    Van 15:00 tot 17:00.
$15 per persoon
6 van de 6 plekken beschikbaar

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Let's play at the Cuban way!
4 recensies
Vanaf $15/persoon
4 recensies
Vanaf $15/persoon