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Boozy Lazy Sunkissed Tube Ride

Boozy Lazy Sunkissed Tube Ride

Duration:4 uur in totaal
Includes:Eten, Drankjes, Uitrusting en Vervoer
Languages:Alle talen welkom

Over je host

I was a kayak and Paddleboard guide and am certified in water safety, and CPR. I am an expert nature/outdoor survivalist, but can also hold my own in a conversation regarding Tech-startups. I organize and manage events for a living. I love chatting with people who are visiting this city and make sure that by the time they leave, they are as in love with Austin as much as I am.

Wat we gaan doen

We will meet at a designated area, and drive to San Marcos, where we will hop on the San Marcos river and enjoy a lazy tube ride to the exit point about 1.5 hour downstream. Beer, Wather and some Hard Seltzers will be provided...we will have a little party while floating, looking at the local wildlife, and soaking in some Sun

Wat je nog meer moet weten

You will get wet, you should be able to swim, Bring some of your favorite beers if you want, you should want to have fun. I will drive.

Wat ik aanbied

Feel free to bring some snacks for your time in the river.
Bier en Anders
I will bring a cooler full of beer and light snacks. You will pack yourself a small cooler and clip it to your tube.
We will provide transportation from downtown Austin to the San Marcos River, about 25 minutes away.
I will provide sunscreen, tubes, cooler, rope and everything we will need for this adventure.

Wat je mee moet nemen

any refreshments that you would like to add to my cooler
Hat to block sun

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Waar je zult zijn

We will explore the beauty and pristine waters of the San Marcos river, and stop for a beer and appetizer when we get back to Austin.


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Vereisten voor gasten

Maximaal 10 gasten van 18 en ouder mogen deelnemen.


Deze ervaring bevat alcohol. Alleen aan gasten die oud genoeg zijn om te mogen drinken, wordt alcohol geserveerd.

Meer tips

You will get wet, you should be able to swim, Bring some of your favorite beers if you want, you should want to have fun. I will drive.
Boozy Lazy Sunkissed Tube Ride
185 recensies
Vanaf $54/persoon
185 recensies
Vanaf $54/persoon