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Unieke activiteiten in Amman Governorate

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Alle activiteiten in de buurt van Amman Governorate

Alternative Downtown Tour
On this tour, I will guide you through an in-depth journey through modern Amman focusing on its history. We will highlight the most important historical events of modern day Jordan by visiting places and people that bring these events to life. This tour highlights the differences between the western and less-visited eastern side of the city, the role of immigrants, and economic history that has contributed to the east-west divide. Observing street art, graffiti, and local markets will help us explore the economic realities of each area. We will learn about daily life in east Amman from its residents, including the local art of pigeon breeding and training. I have a passion for storytelling and connecting guests with locals to learn about what life is like in Amman set against the last 150 years of its history. As many of the reviews have noted, guests find this connection to be special and unique, and something that most touristic experiences do not offer. I would love to host you on this tour to meet the beautiful people and learn about the rich history of this city. Sharing a traditional dinner (Iftar during Ramadan) and conversation with a family host can be arranged for a modest additional cost, if desired. Please send a direct message if you're interested. Other things to note: A more suitable time for the guests and the tour guide can be arranged after booking.
Cook a Traditional Dish with Shereen
Meet your local chef and become her Sous Chef for the day! Learn the recipe of the local dish you'll be making & write it down to take home to cook for friends & family. Prepare the meal & enjoy together. Other things to note Bring your camera to take memorable photos or to document the recipe. Let Shereen know if you're a vegan or vegetarian (she's a very good vegan chef actually)!
Kunsttour met een lokale kunstjournalist
While walking from one gallery to another, visitors will learn about the history of some of Jordan’s most prestigious art galleries and get a glimpse into the contemporary art offered by elite local and regional artists. NOTE: Feel free to get in touch if the scheduled time of the tour doesn't fit within your trip's itinerary, Hind is usually flexible and might be able to arrange for impromptu tours! Other things to note: - Arrange transportation to and from our meeting location - Wear comfortable shoes - Traveling with kids? Ask me about art tours catered for 6+ yo
Local Sights, Art, Tastes & Photo Tour of Amman
My husband and I wanted to create a photo tour to see this ancient turned modern city the way we do, as a local and American Expat. You’ll hear the stories, meet the people and local artists, learn more about the language through calligraphy, and see the gorgeous rooftop views of the city. Get a true taste of the street food in Jordan, walk picturesque alleyways, and end with our favorite dishes at Hashem restaurant.
We will begin our tour at one of Amman's oldest district (Abdali), heading towards the main court of Amman (Palace of Justice) where we will share a little bit of Amman's history and judicial system. Then we will visit a mosque and a church which are located at the same street talking about the diversity in Jordan and sharing the habits and traditions of its citizens. As we continue walking, we will visit the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts which is a cultural, non-governmental, non-profit organisation, founded in Amman, Jordan, in 1979. Its goal is to encourage cultural diversity, disseminate artistic knowledge and promote art from the Islamic and Developing worlds. In 1980 it established the contemporary museum collection of artworks from the Developing World. We will then visit a local jam shop which is a dynamic lifestyle brand from Jordan. Makers of artisan jams, botanical teas and raw honey. they design food experiences inspired by the landscape and my tourists get to buy and taste some of their remarkable jams. The tour will end at Downtown Amman, which we will get to buy going down very unique stairs with graffiti drawings on every wall. We will have lunch at the very famous Falafel restaurant and end it up with the delicious sweet Knafeh. Other things to note It is a walking tour so make sure you come with comfortable shoes!
Practicing Arabic Calligraphy / Islamic Art
This experience will give you the basics of calligraphy; aka khat Arabi, an art that has been endorsed for hundreds of years in the region. What will be the focus of this experience? The Deewani script! It is one of the eight common varieties of Arabic script. it has been used for the important "messages" during the Ottoman Empire and is used till now as a smooth, lovely, and brilliant calligraphy font. You will learn about Arabic letters, how to hold an Arabic pen, and to try the other fonts. In the end, you can get your name or any other word you like as a design, you might like to keep it or convert it into a tattoo ;) besides taking a calligraphy pen to practice!
Experience Amman city to the fullest
On this trip we will go in depth into Amman city. I'll show you the historic side of Amman, I'll walk you through every hidden gem in the old streets of Amman. You will experience the outstanding streets, food, archaeological sites, people and some religious sites in Amman like The King AbdAllah Moseqe. We will go through every detail and story of each part of the old city of Amman and you will get to experience the full Amman culture and history trip. The tour will take place in Amman's old quarter, including Jabal Al Webdieh, Al Abdali, Downtown, Amman Citadel and finally Jabal Amman (Rainbow Street). (if the tour time or date is not convenient for you , you can send me a massage to schedule another time and date ) (the price does not include any entry tickets )
Cooking local food with chef Anas
Cooking a 3 course menu with a professional Chef Get the chance to prepare a 3 to 5 course menu of jordanian and middle eastern cuisines, with the guidance of Chef Anas; a headchef and a certified food critic who found his passion at the early age of 12 and who is always open for chatter and having a good time. What makes this experience extraordinary is that you will be given the recipes with the secret ingredients so you can cook it anytime later, then you will get to cook the meals with the Chef, and finally enjoy the food on a rooftop and surrounded with good vibes. You and Chef Anas will prepare the menus from scratch to ensure a fine dining experience to everyone! Enjoying over charcoal cup of tea After we dig in the food, you will have to take the rest of food with you so you can enjoy it as a late dinner meal.
Old Amman on foot like no guidebook
We meet up in front of my residence at the indicated day and time, and we head downtown passing through my neighborhood, the trendy artistic Jabal Weibdeh. We descend cute hidden colorful stairs that bring us right into the traditional markets of city center, ultimately leading us to the "Nymphaeum" Roman public fountain and the must-see Roman amphitheatre that can fit up to 6000 spectators! Next, we stretch our legs and climb up to the famous Roman/Islamic citadel (Please note entrance fees to these sites are not included: 2 JDs for the amphitheatre and 3 JDs for the citadel, unless you have purchased the Jordan Pass ahead of time which will grant you free entry). On the way back to downtown, we pass by some famous sweet shops to try the mouthwatering Syrian Halawet Jiben and the famous Palestinian Kunafa, where we end the tour. Other things to note: -Good walking stamina is required. - If you wish to visit the citadel along the way, expect climbing up around 100 stairs. -Walk is highly customizable based on your time and interest. Ladies, try to avoid shorts and revealing clothes, area of tour is traditional and thus conservative.
Food Crawl of Melting Cultures
A Food crawl that will give you the chance to fill up on delicious food: Some typical for Jordan and some brought into our country by immigrants from neighboring countries who helped create a unique gastronomic melting point in Amman over the past century. We meet in Jabal Weibdeh, and walk to our first stop where we will try the Armenian Basturma sandwich (seasoned air-dried cured beef), and learn a bit about the history of the largest non-Arab Christian minority in Jordan, who settled here post World War I. We then descend to “Darat Al-Funoon” gallery to enjoy Iraqi, Iranian, or Yemeni tea in their panoramic garden. (Closed on Fridays). We continue our descent to city center to try the most famous Vegetarian Middle Eastern bite of all time: “Falafel”. We taste the freshly-prepared chickpea balls in one of the most iconic shops established in 1948. We continue our path to try out a very famous Levantine sandwich: “Shawerma”, freshly grilled and sliced off a cone-like stack. Our 5th stop is a hidden gem, a Pakistani restaurant. We try delicious selected signature dishes while I tell you the story of how pakistani nationals like the restaurant owner “Abu-Ryad” settled in Jordan as farmers 2 generations ago. Our tour ends SWEETLY with Syrian and Palestinian desserts: Halawet el-Jibn, cheese dow filled with fresh cream, and the infamous Palestinian Knafe!
Views Over Amman Photo Shoot
Join me as we have a photoshoot and short historic tour of the Amman Citadel at either golden hour sunset or early morning. I'll show you some hidden areas, and my personal favorite spots. Listen to the stories of how this city has evolved through the centuries— After walking we'll enjoy the city come alive after sunset with something to drink, OR coffee in the morning. I'll get to know you more, and share my thoughts living in Jordan as an American expat. Includes entrance tickets, and 15 photos on a private online gallery. I strive to take flattering portraits with interesting natural compositions. It's perfect for solo travelers who rarely get shots of themselves. Or a great choice for couples and families exploring Jordan together.
Photo session in the hidden alleys of Amman
This is a photography walking tour around the oldest streets of the city of Amman. We will walk & talk about signature and hidden alleys in the city, each stop will contain an interesting information. We will begin the tour really early in the morning to make use of the magical blue hour heading towards rainbow street, making a stop at an art gallery with exquisite art pieces and memorable photos to take. Joined by a professional photographer who will take instagrammable and photos of the tourists, making sure each one leaves with beautifully edited pictures. The photographer will be guiding you through the walk for stops and tips for the best photo angles and sides. We send you more than 100 high quality professional pictures with a week of the experience. Our tour can be adapted to anyone : * Solo travelers, *Couples, *Families, *Friends, * Models, * Influencers, *or people just tired of selfies :) Private session : Ask us for schedule and prices if you prefer this option for you and you lover/family/friends, and we will open it for you :)
Arabic cooking class -near to the airport
We bake and cook with love. Home cooking is all about nourishment, not just for the body but the soul And cook is a business built on strong, caring relationships between people I come from a long line of passionate food lovers in my family. In fact Me and my family, We enjoy cooking so much, We make many Arabic dishes and Arabic sweets. Meeting and working with multicultural people is our passion. To cook using the same ingredients and techniques a good cook would use at home, so everything looks and tastes homemade.
Craft an amazing Mosaic art in a session
You have wanted to create your own astonishing mosaic masterpiece but don’t know where to start, or you are looking for spending a nice evening with your beloved ones or friends? Let’s help you with all of that with our mosaic art classes. Our Classes are packed with techniques and hands-on sessions that take you to a thrilling piece(s) of art. We are dedicated to teach and guide you on your journey of mosaic creativity We conduct individual classes (2-3 hours) and group workshops up to 4 people. Come and enjoy our Mosaic Art classes in Amman today! !
Amman Nightlife tour
No trip in Jordan is complete without experiencing the rich Jordanian nightlife, this tour throws you deep into The heart of late nights in Amman. This Unique tour Is here to deliver a genuine Jordanian Experience by giving you the opportunity to rub shoulders With the locals on a few carefully selected Bars and rooftops. Amman has some of the best nightlife in Jordan, and with this tour you will crawl experience you'll get to drink your way through some of the finest watering holes. You'll visit places where you can try local drinks, a good places to enjoy nightlife in Amman, a popular local hangout. You will visit the Jordan River experience wine shop! Local bars to try the unique local beer Petra and carackale! experience the best nights of Amman by visiting the highest rooftop in the city 23rd floor. Walk around the west city part and discovere the difference between old town and new town.